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By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
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The Turaki Vanguard has decried the spate of unwarranted removal of Ibo

National/political officeholders from their positions as a move that can

at the very best be viewed as an attack against the Ndigbos in a

systematic attempt to undermine their credibility in the polity. General

Olusegun Obasanjo started it with his ridiculous removal of every Ibo man

that was the Senate President during his era and President Jonathan sadly

has adopted the same strategy but this time around, enough is enough of

this unwarranted attack against a tribe whose contributions and inputs

towards the emancipation of this country is legendary.

The Turaki Vanguard made this assertion known following published comments

by some misguided political leaders in the PDP, who in an attempt to steer

up sentiments that in their opinion will lead to the removal of National

Chairman PDP, Dr Okwesilize Nwodo just after four short months in office,

have begun to bandy the fact of the waiver he granted Atiku as substantive

grounds for his removal. This is just a sad case of “giving a dog a bad

name to hang it”. We would not like to dwell on the obvious here, which is

the fact that Atiku earned the waiver strictly on merit, seeing that his

antecedents include being one of the founding fathers of the PDP, but

rather we would like to state for the sake of clarity that the waiver

originated from the Adamawa State Chapter of PDP as stated in the

constitution of PDP and therefore the decision of whether or not Atiku be

granted a waiver was not a decision Nwodo was at liberty to take though

sadly most of the acclaimed leaders of PDP these days have no respect and

regard to the constitution of the party by their actions and acts.

Attributing the waiver granted to Atiku to Dr. Nwodo therefore and then

attempting to use it as grounds to witch hunt him should be condemned

outright by all progressive minds. It is on record, that in the short

period that Dr Nwodo has piloted the affairs of the PDP some modicum of

sanity, due process, democratic culture and direction has being restored

to the party. Any move therefore to embarrass this unassuming but great

manager of men will not be tolerated by the Turaki Vanguard and we

reiterate here that we would resist all attempts to oust him from office

under the guise of the flimsiest of excuses.
We in the Turaki Vanguard are promoters of good governance with the

objective of working together with likeminded groups to build a great

Nigeria where very tribe and section of this country will not feel left

behind and any section feel as second citizens. We can therefore not fold

our hands and watch as an orchestrated “annihilation” of sorts is carried

out against a certain section. In the interest of fair play and a hope for

credible elections which we also hope will usher in a new dawn for our

Nation, we want to urge Mr. President, Goodluck Jonathan to rein in the

excesses of his handlers who are only interested in seeing him emerge as

President come 2011 for their own self serving interests thereby

undermining the integrity and unity of our country. We know that Dr Nwodo

does not have the power to make anyone president or single handedly

install our principal Atiku President, because at the end of the day it's

the vote of the delegates that will count and ultimately the vote of the

people at the polls. All we say is that we should desist from this “by any

means necessary” form of politics and begin to do what is right.

Now that the dream of our beloved President Jonathan of staying in office

behind May, 2011 is becoming a mirage as we earlier warned him, let us

once again admonish him to look for safe landing than venting his anger on

an innocent man who did all within his powers to give him false hope.

Now that the reality is becoming real to him and his funny misguided

cohorts confused, he can always count on us not minding his erroneous

steps as we have open our doors wide open to accommodate him and his

political campaign Team so far they will promise us that they will respect

the laws that unifies our dear country this time around.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze
National Director,
Directorate of Media & Public Affairs of Turaki Vanguard