Extend Amnesty to Monarchs and Politicians Who Sponsor and Facilitate Violence~ NYCN Youth Boss Pepple

Source: pointblanknews.com

Mr. Kingsley Adonis Pepple. NYCN youth Leader Bonny

The inability of the amnesty project to extend to and involve the sponsors and facilitators of violence in Nigeria is the greatest threat, if not reviewed can destroy Nigeria's peace process and unity.

This was the claims of the Bonny Chapter Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Mr. Kingsley Adonis Pepple during a chat with newsmen in Port Harcourt. The youth leader said by the approaching transition of 2011 and publication of INEC's butchered guidelines, some youths across various communities in Nigeria have started regrouping in the guise of establishing youth organizations or vigilante groups to aid community security but are also negotiating patronage from politicians and traditional rulers.

Mr. Adonis pepple further stated that freedom of Assembly and freedom of association has been the cover for these preparations of a foundation for possible and unlawful activities. He advised that government must look beyond youths who participate in violence and criminal activities but should also arrest and prosecute in a fair, timely manner and with heavy penalties sponsors and facilitators of these heinous crimes against our motherland, if the nation must continue in unity and harmony.

The Bonny youth leader queried why Nigeria should have a database on all possible militias and deliberately ignore the politicians and traditional rulers who largely created, directed and continued to reap in the business of these violence, and affirmed that these patrons cum elder statesmen are the same directors and conspirators of the Abuja explosion.

The youth therefore called on the security agencies in the country to launch a timely effort to check these youths formation before more idle youths are manipulated and possibly armed and used for economic and political purposes by same woeful patrons we call elder statesmen.

This he lamented is exactly how monsters were created in the Niger Delta region after the armed youths were used and dumped. According to him we must save Nigeria from the whims and caprices of unpatriotic elder statesmen who are determined to drag this nation into anarchy and chaos in the absence of a possible division of this country.

In his words he stressed “ I make bold to say that no officer of the National Youth Council of Nigeria has been found culpable of any of these forms of criminality” He admonished the government to strengthen the nations apex youth body and take advantage of the structure and mechanisms that the youth council offers in the effective management of youths movement and the protection and advancement of the interest of Nigeria youths.

Hear him “I am a vivid example of hundreds of officers of the youth council who in the face of attacks and threat has challenged the ills of our society in a non violent and lawful manner. This is what our youths must uphold, the knowledge that you must not just as a matter of right but also as an obligation to our fatherland to express our concerns and seek redress in a lawful and acceptable manner and not being manipulated by haters of Nigeria's unity into planting explosions and taking the lives of innocent Nigerians; this must stop!” he stressed..


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