Religion, is it Right For You?

By Melanie Miller

Is religion right for you, is it the answer for you? Or do you prefer to become an atheist, or Wiccan or Pagan faith? The choice is really up to the individual.

If you wish to be of a different faith or religion, no one can tell you what faith you need to choose from. I have a friend that tells me that I am of a certain religion, which I am wiccan faith and she tells me that I am very religious, which I am not extremely religious and definitly not of her religion she informs me that I supposedly am.

People have the right to be religious or not. I have had atheist friends in the past and they are good folks, not hypocrites that can do whatever they want to and desire to, and tell you, you can not and I prefer friends that do not order me around and tell me to attend church. I have my own faith and beliefs. For one, I prefer to worship many gods and goddesses and cast spells for people, for free. Many folks tell me that my magick spells work splendidly for them.

If I prefer to be a spell caster, it is entirely up to me and anyone can cast spells, it does not take a certain talent. I have been casting spells since age fourteen and enjoy my magick, I cast.

I have an aunt that made me burn a ghost tale book and I eventually had to pay for this book, as was from a library. I did not explain what happened but this aunt made me sit on pencils, on my knees... when I was twelve yrs. of age, and beg God, her God..for forgiveness. She is not as religious as she once was. She is a nice lady now, true, but I would not want to live with her, or anything like this.

You will meet religious people and not so religious folks. Some maybe into dark magick, as I once was a long time ago. If anyone ever crossed me, I would cast a black magick spell on them or him or her, and 90 percent of the time, the magick would work!

One does not have to cast magick on others, but should try and discuss the problem at hand with them, him or her, and see if one can come to an agreement. Also..if the person wants you to do something you do not feel comfortable with such as forced into going to church, then you can tell this person or persons, that you do not feel comfortable attending services.

My husband is not religious, he is more of the pagan faith related and he prefers to cast spells as well, and he is a nice person, he just is not into religion and does not believe all of what the bible tells people. He feels most of it, is fables ( fiction ) as where I tend to believe some of what the holy bible said is truth, but feel some of it maybe fables as well, such as Galliath and David, this story I find hard to believe, and not saying it is not truth, just to me, it sounds like a made up fictional story to me. Anyways, whatever you choose to believe in, is entirely up to you.

You do not have to become any particular faith or religion, just be you, and this is all anyone can ask of you.

Thanks for reading my article, and have a good day!

the end