PDP Challenges Amaechi Over Allegation of Arms Stockpile

By PDP, Rivers State
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The faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State which is not amenable to the whims and caprices of the State governor, Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi throws a direct challenge to the governor to supply proofs of the allegation he made claiming that rivals and virile opposition in the State are stockpiling arms ahead of the 2011 elections to destabilize the State.

Miffed by the spurious and totally unwarranted alarm with capacity to only cause panic and pandemonium among the poor and uncatered-for populace, we regret that such unfortunate step could be taken by the chief executive of the State and a figure everyone else ought to look up to for finality in words and action just for the sole purpose of rearing up disaffection for his perceived political and ideological enemies and those whose mere existence give him jitters and sleepless nights.

As the founding members of the PDP in the State we wonder why Governor Amaechi would take it upon himself to raise such alarm if there was truly a security threat of the nature, magnitude and direction stressed by him.

While acknowledging that the governor is the ceremonial chief security officer of the State, we question what security report was issued by relevant, defacto agencies saddled with the protection of lives and property in the State to warrant the claim.

The governor has not only once again displayed unconcealable zeal to personally manipulate the entire facets of the society but also asserted himself in demonstrable usurpation of the statutory duties of the security agencies such as the police, the state security services, the army, navy, airforce and civil defence, to name but few.

The whole world would have taken the alarm more seriously had the relevant agencies raised it rather than a politician who desperately wishes to roast all rivals or healthy competitors in gas chambers just to have a clear coast for the actualization of his self-centred governorship ambition in 2011.

It is not just enough for the governor to make such a volatile utterance; it further behooves him to come out with proofs of the existence of the security threat, the reports to that effect and to actually lead the world to where these arms are stockpiled, giving credible clues as to their sources and destination as well as the very brains or individuals behind the illegal acquisition.

The governor cannot just open his mouth wide and raise alarm that some people in the State are stockpiling arms ahead of the 2011 elections to destabilize the State without having proofs and security report from relevant experts or professionals and statutory agencies.

The onus lies on him to prove the allegation and convince the people that he is not just being overprotective of his office and vision but is acting in the interest of the entire State and the gospel truth. It was our greatest consternation hearing the governor come out with the allegation.

The governor is acting in bad faith and, should he fail to convince society on his claims, he should be viewed as stockpiling arms and dangerous weapons himself for the 2011 elections and to destabilize the State if things do not go his way.

Since absolute power corrupts absolutely, fears that the Ikwerre-born politician might not be leaving anything to chance to brush past his true and perceived rivals in his desire to further secure his despotic, absolutely unaccounting and ill-advised administration, for when a man cries wolf without seeing any wolf, it is most likely that a wolf will only be seen from him.

All and sundry should prevail on Governor Amaechi to make good his claim by showing those relevant proofs and security signals warranting such serious allegation or else, hold him responsible for any lawless and criminal acts that may arise or take place during the 2011 general elections in the State.


Jerry Needam, JP
Publicity Secretary
PDP, Rivers State