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Nicole Akinboboye is an upcoming actress. Barely five months in the film industry, she has already featured in a number of works. The student of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, is a very charming lady and you are attracted by her smiles and dress sense.
In a recent encounter, she spoke elaborately about her style, accessories and personal make-up.

Dress sense and Nollywood
The movie industry has really not affected my style because I have been a stylish person naturally. I like fashion and I'm crazy about what is in vogue. I go for the latest thing in town and stuffs like that. I love jewelry, I love nice outfits and I love crazy clothes. I just know I'm a very stylish person. If my being in Nollywood would add to it, I don't know.

It has not affected me in anyway. When I go out, people find me attractive. I always hear things like, 'she's looking good,' 'she dresses fine.' So, it's not me trying to attract a producer or trying to attract anybody. It's my person.

My wardrobe
I love shirts, I like open shirt clothes, dresses and gowns. I love to wear dresses more than trousers because it makes you feel like a lady and you know dresses are in vogue right now. When it comes to designs, there are all kinds of nice dresses available. I do wear African fabric but not all the time. I wear African designs on Fridays. For me, Friday has to be Africa fabric. I have different dress codes for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Usually, my Mondays have to be a shirt. I don't think I have anything made into long skirts. I have more short skirts than long skirt.

Fashion crime
For me, a fashion crime is when it's off colour and when it is not properly worn. Some people get over dressed. They actually don't have this dress sense. For instance, if someone should wear this long boot leggings and a short skirt in broad daylight, it doesn't make sense. I like something that is not too serious but simple and nice.

I love shoes, I love my costumes. I just believe my shoes and costumes should always blend. The kind of earring, the kind of necklaces you are wearing, your wristwatch, your bracelet all matter when it comes to your total appearance. It's not the clothes, but the shoes and bag that actually brings out a balance in what you are wearing. When you put on a very nice shoe and a very nice bag, you look unique with nice glasses.

I like costumes, you know gold is very formal but you can wear costume with different outfits. You can also play with a variety of colours from blue, yellow, green etc. That is why I love costume. I do like beads, but right now, I'm not really into beads. Beads give you this serious elegant look, but costume gives you another kind of look. They all have their different uses and effects.

I use all Mary Kay products and it's really good for my skin. I used to wear heavy make-up, but recently, I decide to cut off from make-up and have a natural look. I love make-up and I use more of black opal when it comes to face make-up. I do gold eye shadow, I wear blush, and I'm a make-up person. In my make-up purse, you find a lipstick, a face brush, eye shadow, kajal, eyeliner, lip gloss and lip brush. I love Elizabeth Arden and Dolce and Gobbana perfumes.

I make my hair at Make Me. Usually, I go to Make Me for curly hair and when I want to wear the straight weave-on, I go to Bobby's. I use these two salons. I also use Make Me for braids, but Bobby's are good at long hair. I love cap wigs. I wear a lot of wig when I'm not making my hair. Even when I'm not on set, I just weave my hair and wear the wig. I have different kinds of cap wigs that I love. In fact, coloured cap wigs keep me going.

I don't eat too much. I eat very little but it must be a complete diet. I eat morning, afternoon and evening. This running around looking for job here and there is enough exercise for now.