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Money is an instrument of worship. For this reason God demands that 'None shall appear empty before him' Ex.34:20. Worship motivated offering is a sweet smelling savor to God. How?

In Psalm 96:7-9 the bible says we should 'give unto the Lord . . .'. Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name. Bring an offering and come unto his court.' In coming unto his court you do so with dancing, signing, psalms, chorus and praises with an offering in your hand unto the most High God.

This is what distinguishes offering or alms from the donation mentality we see as offering in most churches.

In my church, members dance gracefully and thankfully to the altar with their offering. The offering basket passed around members carries with it a donation mentality. When you want to offer unto God, you do so with dignity, you do so in a befitting manner.

When your offering is worship-motivated, it becomes acceptable to God. It goes up to Heaven as a sweet smelling savor. That is the difference between the offering of Abel and Cain.

Noah offered unto God. He built an altar unto God and offered the best of his animals.

The Lord smelt a sweet savour and the Lord averted a curse on mankind. When your offering lacks a sweet smelling savor it becomes a mere donation. It will not attract heavenly blessing.

'I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake. Neither again will I smite any more everything living as I have done. 'While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter , day and night shall never cease.' Gen.8:20-22.

Because of the offering and the manner it was offered, God averted a generational curse he had placed on mankind. You can avert a family curse by a worship motivated offering. You can move God to pronounce a covenant blessing on your lineage as he did to Noah.

Let us grow beyond seeing church offering as an investment opportunity to reap money in return. It is more than that. God is not a banker. The earth and its fullness belongs to him. Noah received in return something bigger than animals he had sowed. He received covenant blessing.

Abraham was very rich but lacked something money cannot buy. He gave unto the Lord in a manner well pleasing to God. His worship-motivated offering unto God earned him his Isaac. Remember also when God wanted to do more for Abraham. He requested for Isaac as a sacrifice. Gen. 22:1-5. We saw Abraham giving his only son in worship offering to God. Said Abraham to his 2 servants: 'Abide here with the ass and I and the lad (Isaac) will go yonder and worship and come again to you.' Offering is to be used as a worship instrument not as a donation. God is all sufficient.

Abraham saw giving unto the Lord as an act of worship. Is your offering worship motivated?

In Acts 10:1-4, a devout man called Cornelius who feared God with his family and gives alms to his people and prayed to God always was blessed. His alms ascended unto heaven as a sweet smelling savour and God sent Peter to bless his household. Solomon's offerings also earned him more than riches. He got wisdom in return.

The acceptable giving spirit of the Philippians led Apostle Paul to declare that 'God shall supply all needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus to whoever used offering as a worship instrument. A worship-motivated offering offers much more than monetary returns. It covers good health, protection, favour, etc

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