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Before we get to the talk of today, I want to thank my male readers who sent in their contributions to my last article—-CAN AFRICA EVER WIN A WORLD CUP..?(where were the women by the way? Women don't talk soccer?) I thank those of you who really gave more insight and suggestions on how the talented ELDAD UDEEZE UGWUEGBU whose dream is to play for his fatherland can progress.For those of you who queried me why I did not include ELDAD's pictures; there were actually pictures of him and his team mates together with the article but somehow they didnt come up.

Let me also say, that this young man is not just sitting down at home and dreaming of soccer but he has been playing and training with a local team in Abuja. He told me he is so good at it that his mum loves to come and watch him do his thing. So, folks, if ELDAD's situation touches your heart and you want to help him achieve his football dreams, send Jacqui a text. All he needs is more push and empowerment to show Nigerians and the world what he can do with his legs(not with his hands like that swagger—swarz……. who denied the African continent our chance to get to the finals. FIFA should ban that player from football so that others who want to join in his trick will learn a lesson. BW and Nigerians who care wishes you, ELDAD all the best in your football career!!!

ROMANUS NDEHIGWO from Idioroko boarder —08024209181 says—-' In life we can never get more than our faith can offer. Hence Africa can never win the World Cup because we have never believe we can win it. That is the irony of Africa's failure at every World Cup since it started……. If Obama a black man can rule the world, I believe and know Africa can win the World Cup if we believe and prepare for 2014. Its never too late!' (Share the same faith with ROMANUS? What's your say to his views? BRING-IT -ON via text)ok!! Straight to the gist of today!

Ask the men around you —'if your house is on fire or your wife and mother are drowning in a river, who will you rescue first?' Your mother or your wife? I talked to some men and check out what they said.

SAM: Jacqui, I can always have another wife but I cannot get a new biological mother. If I die saving my wife first, she will remarry so I will go for my mum first before my wife.

JASON: C'mon Jacqui, you know very well I will rescue my mother first but will also make sure I save my wife too.

JOHN: (John was the only one who had a little difficulty here) E'eh, that is a tough one but I will go for my mother first then my wife. Wait a second, I can save both at the same time. Cant I, Jacqui? Are you that a superman John? I asked. M-mm I think my mother first!

Voila! You see what I mean? (space couldn't allow me to add more responses because I actually talked to 20 men and it was all —my mother first…….) Way -to-go -guys!! Wait a minute Jacqui, are you supporting them? Well, what do you want me to say folks? Have you not noticed how most men consult their mum first even when getting married? They could get to convince their dad but when it comes to mum, its a total war for that man especially if the man loves the woman in question so much and the mother dislikes her. For what reason? Mothers? Do they have to have a reason? Just pray your mother doesnt object to the woman in your life. Period!! That is how deep a mother and son relationship can be, folks especially for their first son. Men cherish their mum and I do not think any woman can change that GODLY bond. It doesn't matter how old a man is, he is always a baby to his mum.

Wives get that!! Do not ever make a mistake of dragging with your husband how much money he gives to the mum, the shopping, or how long she stays with you people. You know the trick ladies? Join him pamper the old lady and adore her too. In fact, buy and pamper her more than the son. Confuse the woman so she will be put off balance on spoiling your show. Hey, try to be real and sincere about this or else if you fake it it wont work. The greedy ones will be collecting your gifts and money, smiling with you openly but at your back has finished arranging with the son how and when to strike (especially if you are having problem giving birth).

This brings me to the question, should mothers be unnecessarily problematic just because of the bond they share with their sons? Well, my mother is a very gentle, caring and warm lady and my sisters who are married are cool too.Though my sister's sons are pretty young now, I know when they want to marry in future, my sisters will only advise and direct when necessary not be a hindrance to them. They will certainly allow their sons to make their choice of women. That is the way it should be folks! Is it not?

Talking about why some mothers are so difficult, I leave it to you readers to react and send in you views. My final say on this talk is that, men should try and be as diplomatic as possible so that they do not destroy their marriage. Your mother has her role to play so does your wife, so try and balance them both reasonably.

Hee—haa!! I cannot round up this talk today without giving a loving belated birthday shout -out to one of my favourite nephews——DAVID CHIJINDU ONYEDIKA NDUBUISI in Abuja. I must tell you folks, Jacqui is fond of him he is also one cute-vibrant young man. I used to fight with him when he was little over the remote— he would never allow me watch my Oprah, Style, and CNN but will rather watch his cartoon—Dexter, scooby doo, etc. 'Ju' as we fondly call him was 15 years on Sunday, July 4, 2010. He is a very special and first son of Mr and Mrs David and Ndidi Vinna Ndubuisi. JU, aunty Jacqui wishes you a very smashing birthday with daddy, Miky, and your little baby brother, Chibuike.

Hope Mummy prepared a delicious chocolate cake, garnished with strawberries for you on my behalf. Remember what I always tell you—-take good care of your mother, your little brothers and daddy too!!