By NBF News

Amuche Agobili
Is there anything wrong with that. I do kiss my partner in public. If you love a man, nothing would stop you from doing that. It is something one cannot run away from unless love does not exist between the two people involved. When you are in love, you can never pretend about it because it has a force behind it. Why do you think people make love in the car or elsewhere that may sound stupid? It is love and nothing else. When you are in love, you have feelings for the person and whenever the feelings come for anything, you cannot withhold it.

Oluwa Yemisi
I have not tried it anywhere. But if I get married, I can kiss him anywhere. I see nothing wrong with expressing love to one's lover anywhere, anyhow, but I would to do whatever with my husband.

Ayo Cyril
Why not? If the love is there and I care for her, why won't I do it? I can kiss her anywhere. Does love have limit to where you would share it? It can be expressed anywhere. So, I do it. In the Western world, kiss does not mean anything but we see it differently here.

Mohammed Tom
Yes, I kiss my partner in the public and I don't see anything wrong with that. It is also a way of showing her and the people around that I love her. It proves to her too that I am proud of her. To me, nothing is absolutely wrong with kissing one's lover in the public.

Abdul Saidu
No, I don't kiss her in the public because it is not good to be done on the road. As a muslim, I don't do it but I can do that in the bedroom.

Habib Abubakar
I don't think there is need to express one's affection out in public or in front of family members. Within the privacy of your own home you can do that.

Petrolina Doyle
I kiss my boyfriend in public and I don't care whatever anyone thinks about it. I grew up abroad and it has become part of me. It is only here that people frown at it. When you do it in public, they see you as a wayward person.

John Okoro
Why not? A smack kiss may not appear scandalous in public. Love is perhaps the most beautiful gift. If you have great one, show it.

Angela Okala
I am not shy to do that. If people don't like it, they just have to look away.

Kingsley Ogoro
Of course, I would dare depending on where we are. Is there a reason I should be ashamed to kiss the woman I love? In certain places and situations where one needs to be more tactful, I don't go kissing my girlfriend. Although I also don't go doing anything else that would be rude or inconsiderate. But most public places, absolutely, I do.

Amanda James
What strange do you find in the fact that you kiss your partner in public? We no longer live in those times when people cared about the opinion of others. If I love somebody, I don't have a problem to show it to him wherever we are.

Emeka Nsofor
No, I would never try it. It would be very disgusting for those people looking at it. Kissing is something done in private. Showing affection in public is very unethical.

Mary Isioma
I don't mind kissing my boyfriend in the public as long as it's just a smack only. I believe it should be done in a more private place.

Jide Taiwo
I don't and just feel so uncomfortable doing it. Some people do it but I just don't like doing it or seeing other sticking their tongues down each other's throats. I don't mind kissing but I'm fast at it and just don't feel comfortable in public.

Emeka Nsofor
I do this quite often but not full on tongue action though. Not everybody wants to see that. But I would give her a peck on the lips and cheeks. Nothing too explicit though.

James Echeta
Yes, I can kiss my wife in public because she is my wife. There is no reason to be ashamed of kissing or even embracing my wife in public. She is mine and no one else.

Folashade Adelenre
As far as I have accepted him to be my spouse, there is no hidden agenda. I can kiss him in public. It is not a problem.

Tunde Azeez
I can do it and God knows I mean it. Some ladies will tell you I can do it but the truth is that they cannot do it because of hidden agenda.