What A World Without Love    

By Mujeebat Idris  
image credit: lifeofdarrell - WordPress.com
image credit: lifeofdarrell - WordPress.com

From whatever perspective one views the world today, one sees nothing but problems upon injustice upon war upon cultism upon problems which seem to be increasing at an alarming proportion.

Every part of the world is faced with different problems which arise from lack of love.

Therefore, the world in which we live in today can be described as A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE.

There is absolutely no denial of the fact that our world is stained with so many atrocities that have murdered love. Injustice, racism, extremism, kidnapping, oppressive government, murder amidst others rule the world presently, thereby, sending love on an exile.

Love, in the recent past,used to be a normal thing. Everyone, then, used to experience love and at the same time give it out;they were trained with it. But today, no one experiences love and shares it. This, definitely, is the major cause of the problems of the world.

Many people have been killed unjustly, many have been punished severely for a crime they never committed, many youths have been initiated into cultism; a secret society that goes against every act of love. A lot more have been maltreated for unjustified reasons.

Many children have been turned into slaves , many have been abused psychologically, physically and emotionally. Some children have been denied their basic fundamental human rights and so many more. All these aforementioned vices are daily reported in the new and traditional media. These unfortunate happenings around the world are borne out of lack of love.

Our beautiful world is gradually becoming a world of commotion and misery due to lack of love. Our world is gradually changing into a nightmare due to the love it lacks. Love is the only tool that conquers all evils. Our world and love can be compared to a generator and fuel. If a generator is unable to work as a result of lack of fuel, then, our world cannot experience peace without love.

Love is life, love is happiness, love is peace,love promotes peaceful coexistence and love is everything. It now depends on our decision to promote love and turn our world into a paradise or lack of it and turn our world into a nightmare.

Mujeebat Idris is a student of Ansar-ud-Deen College, Oke-Ata, Abeokuta, Ogun State