5 Trends to Follow in 2021 to Boost your Beauty Business - Uche Umana

By Sampson Malachy

Specializing: People are becoming more aware of the need specialize, so you will see more hair consultants, colorists, Natural Hair stylists, trichologists, educators and trainers etc in 2021. The average salon goer is well informed. Thanks to the information on different platforms, customers now need salon owners and stylists that are very knowledgeable about the services they provide, hairdressers that can gain their confidence and loyalty by the quality of information they have access to. As we have seen since 2019, Beauty and salon business in Nigeria is beginning to have a professional and education-based face. So having a beautiful facility wont cut it for your customers alone. You must be known for something or as an expert in a field to dominate this industry in 2021.

Booking Services: This was a trend that I didn’t think Nigerian salons would catch up with before the pandemic. But now, it is a key trend that will continue growing more popular by the day and also has the capacity to become the new normal for beauty business.

This is one of the positive impacts of the pandemic on the industry because this is standard practice in many countries but Nigeria.

Become Social Media Savvy: This is not the year to say social media is not my thing, I don’t like that platform. As you can see, the pandemic taught a lot of people how to use different social media platforms and statistics show that engagement on these platforms are on a constant rise. I would advise that a major part of your advertising should be online; we have seen platforms like tiktok, snapchat and like become very popular in this clime since last year. So take classes on how to use them for business.

Business Outsourcing- with specialization comes downsizing. People will outsource or totally sell space, equipment or services to enable them focus on their niche and run faster. We will also have those who would want to close or start move to another industry. This makes 2021 the best time for anyone interested in starting a beauty business to be on the lookout for those who want to sell outrightly or lease.

Learn the Latest Trend: one of the advantages of being amongst the first to learn a new skill, hairdo or style is your ability to decide what fees to charge. This we can see in past trends like the bone straight weavon, Brazilian hair, flat twist those who smiled to the banks where the first to offer these services. One of the trends that made it back this year especially in Nigeria is the fusion hair installation. We saw salons hop on this trend last year and we know it has come to stay this time.

Get professional Salon Business Courses: Gone are the days when people opened a beauty or salon business just because they have the skill, are passionate, need a side hustle or any other reasons why people start the business. Statistics have shown that the beauty business that closed where those that had no business structure. We even have business where experienced and skilled hands worked but they still shutdown because they lacked the business know how, operating system or structure. Today we have prospective and existing beauty business owners register for courses like salon 360, salon structure, beauty marketing mix to mention a few before starting, expanding or build sustainable beauty businesses.

Uche Umana is the leading Salon Business Consultant. In the course of her career that has spanned for over 16 years. She has worked as a human resources manager, Business Development officer, General Manger and these jobs span through Finance, oil & Gas, Hospitality, Human Resources, Consulting & Marketing.