Sharing Secret

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

On the issue of not sharing secrets with people, there is a point.

In Igbo, there is a proverb which says, an eye which a man sees with, he doesn't show it to his kinsmen. In that note, we must be careful because greed is intrinsic and endemic in some people.

They are in siblings, friends and co-workers. However, for discerning minds, these persons are in existence for the wise to be wiser. Albeit, I believe in miracles and will not eschew the fact that what we individually meditate on day in day out with behaviours appealing to the cosmos, will come to pass. This includes money.

But we should not hinge our hope solely on miracles. We have to work -- whether payable or not -- but we must work and pray. Remember that the handwork of a man opens way for him.

Keep your heart intact and watch. In a nutshell, we should know that one's enemy is within his household.

This household could be your circle of friends, neighbours, contacts etc.

Only a few supports progressive ideas. We have to be careful but not avoiding mingling and dinning with people, because social life helps our immune. Thanks.

Oct. 12 2020.