Is Man Free?

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

Due to our individual successes, man thinks he is free. Man thinks he is going the direction of nature and the purpose of his stay on Earth.

In earnest, man is the most caged beings on Earth. He works in tandem with the purpose of the intelligentsia who dictates his thought for him and not the Divine purpose for which he is on Earth that can only be found in the "Realm of Animistic Substantiality."

In many quarters, man thinks he is a child of "God" because of his affiliation with religion but this is erroneous. You can't be a child of "God" except you work yourself to being one, hence you become a co-worker with "God" which is within man to illuminate and become the salt of the world as according to the Will of Nature.

It is only when man harnesses his worldly endeavours to be controlled by spiritual understanding that man can be free, because he is a spirit-germ. You can't be a "Child of God" when you have not developed your Inner Qualities. Many are lost in this realm yet shouting "We are children of God".

So, it is left for you to know if you are truly a "Child of God". Do you know yourself or are you the person others said you should be? No religion can make you a "child of God" when you are looking to behave "God" outside yourself but as according to the dictates of the world's intellect.

You are on Earth to seek your way to the path of "God", not to be introduced to "God" or "God" introduced to you.

When you begin to examine your life and seek "God" through the spiritual path, then you will be awakening God within Man. Thanks.

Oct. 11 2020.