4 Ladies On What Losing Their Virginity Felt Like 

Source: Amarachi Ezeibekwe, Content Lead, www.shutlips.com

You probably remember the first time you had sex, don't you? That feeling of anxiety that engulfed you. Do you remember what you felt afterward? Was it what you were expecting? Losing one's virginity can sometimes be a big deal. It is an experience most people never forget, whether it was a pleasurable experience or a terrible one. Some people may feel sad, some happy while others may even be unperturbed. Having sex for the first time is having sex for the first time, so there is explicitly no right or wrong way to feel about it.

In this confession article, four ladies have recanted their first-time sex experiences.

20-year-old Rose told us how a married man deflowered her. According to her, she had met him last year on Facebook and initially didn't know he was married. She had this to say:

"I couldn’t believe how handsome he was when we met. I will not deny that I fell in love with him instantly. I accepted his advances and went to his house when he invited me. One thing led to another and he deflowered me in his house. I remember clearly that it happened on a couch in his sitting room. Before this, the only experience I had about sex came from what I read in books and saw in movies. My friends would usually make jest of me and taunt me whenever the issue of sex came up among us. I have kissed and touched guys but never has anyone gone down on me. The first few thrusts were a bit painful and uncomfortable but after that, it felt okay and natural. I enjoyed every thrust after the initial pain. As it would later happen, I felt stupid and guilty for falling for a married man when I finally found out that he was married, but that did not stop me from having continuous sex with him and falling deeper in love with him. I enjoyed my first-time sex but I feel ashamed that it was with a married man. Whenever I talk about my first-time sex among my friends, I leave out the part that the man I had it with was already married."

Bolu, a 17-year-old SS2 student in Lagos described how 'a senior' in her school deflowered her.

"I fancied him. Many girls in my class and even in SS 1 always talked about him. He was in SS3 and is one of the big boys in school. He is cute and intelligent, so I was heavily crushing on him. I was a bad girl too; I was naughty and loved to talk dirty; so no one took me seriously whenever I mentioned that I was a virgin. Even, he didn't believe me. I always wanted to be around him and seized every opportunity to do that. If I had a difficult math problem, I'd take it to him just to be around him. Even when I understood his explanations, I'd pretend like I did not so that he'd keep talking and I would spend more time with him. He was interested in me, I could tell. One day, we were together in my house, and while he was attempting to finally make love to me, he realized I was not lying about being a virgin. We talked about it and I told him it wasn't a big deal that I was ready to do the deed with him...lol. It was a pleasurable experience for me. Wouldn't have had it any other way."

In the exact words of Chioma, "It was very pleasurable for him, but for me, not so much."For me, it felt like something he really needed to do. I don't think he cared about me. The first few thrusts were very fast and unbearable. I had to tell him that it hurts. His dick was little and he came in seconds. It was very pleasurable for him, but for me, it was terrible. I also ended up crying, and I did not think I'd react that way."

Finally, Cynthia tells of her goofy and sweet experience.

"I was 19 and he was my first real boyfriend. We had been childhood friends before we started dating and subsequently had sex. I was so nervous, afraid and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably on the D-day. It was embarrassing because we had done everything apart from sex, so it shouldn’t really have been a big deal but it was for me. He eventually managed to pet and calm me down before we got into the act. I was scared but excited immediately his penis entered my vagina. I was very wet but I felt a hot quick pain as he penetrated, and then a huge pressure as his penis fully entered. It was a bit sore and I had this sensation like I needed to pee and out came this stream of liquid. I was so embarrassed and apologized profusely for wetting the bed and he told me not to worry about it. Today, we laugh about it cos he has bragging rights that at 19 he made me squirt. Back then, we didn’t even know what squirting was or that it was even a thing. My first time for the longest time left me with mixed emotions but now that I am older and have had experience I can proudly say it was a memorable experience for me."

*Names have been changed.
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