Awka: Tenants Demand Immediate Reimbursement Of Rent Because Landlord And His Wife Disturb Them With Shit And Urine

By Izunna Okafor

Tenants of Innocent Lodge along Oby Okoli Avenue in Awka the Anambra State Capital have demanded immediate reimbursement of their remaining rent for the year, over allegations that the landlord and his wife have been disturbing them with shit and urine in the compound.

The tenants who are mostly students and menial youths alleged that the landlord and his wife, Mr and Mrs Nonso Chukwudezie Dibuo have always poured shit and urine indiscriminately around the various corners of the compound, and even close to their (the tenants') doors and windows, thereby endangering and putting their health stance at risk, especially in this period of coronavirus pandemic when such things are highly discouraged.

Touring newsmen round the compound where the turds mixed with urine were freshly poured, the President of the lodged, Mr. John Ogbe said such thing had happened in the past after which the landlady herself called police and arrested them, simply because they complained to her that such thing was not good and compatible to their health system.

He said, "We ended up bailing ourselves with N10, 000 each that time; and now again she is repeating such thing. She said that this is her compound, and that she has right to do anything she wants, and that whosoever is no longer interested should go. So, please we don't want to live here again; we want them to refund us our money so that we can go and look for house somewhere else, instead of dying in silence here."

Sharing their experiences, some other members of the lodge, Miss Aniukwu Daniella, Miss Amarachi, and Miss Precious Ben (who had a newborn baby) complained bitterly over the shit and urine baptism, and noted it has become unbearable for them.

According to them, the landlady has never allowed them to rest or have peace of mind since they packed into the lodge, as she would harass intimidate them, to the extent that she had even once alleged that they were the ones pouring the shit and the urine in the compound, after she had claimed that she had right to do whatever she wants to do in her husband's house.

They therefore request the assistance of the government, concerned security agencies or human right solicitors to come to their rescue, to save them from such a strange dilemma, and compel the landlord and his wife to refund them their rents so they can go and look for house elsewhere.

They wondered why the landlord and her wife should be temerariously and boastfully messing up their own compound like that, while there are toilets everywhere in the compound.

All attempts by newsmen to get the opinions of the landlord and the landlady proved abortive, as the landlord was not around then, while the wife was esoterically ranting and muttering from inside her room, refusing to come out and speak with newsmen after several knocks on her door.

It would be recalled that the landlord and his wife had once set a brand new shuttle of one of their tenants ablaze sometime in 2017, over similar misunderstanding.

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