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The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole yesterday in his hometwon, Abeokuta, appealed to his supporters to stop raining curses on his perceived enemies anywhere in the country. Bankole is currently engaged in a battle with some of his colleagues in the House.

He also spoke on the  abandoned Ota Road and Bridge project, saying that the contractor would return to site once the review of the 2010 was passed by the National Assembly.  To the delight of  his supporters, the Speaker said he made sure that project received a mention in a motion brought before the House last Thursday.

'We shall continue to engage in meaningful projects that would better the lot of our people.  Speakership is not anybody's birthright. My own name is Dimeji Bankole, all others are bonuses. What is important to me is my name and I must not spoil the name,' he stated amidst thunderous applause.

Addressing  his supporters that included, market women, road transport  union members, students and others, Bankole  who had a hectic time prevailing on them to stop cursing  and rendering abusive songs on them said  only prayers would change their minds. The Speaker  also described the current crisis in the House as a challenge that the country had to overcome  in the quest to master democratic rule.

His words:  'Prayer is the key, it is the master key, Our Lord started with prayers and ended with prayers. So let us pray for them, so that they can have a change of heart.' He assured that he would always do things  that would be in the interest of  his constituents in particular  and the nation in general.

The Speaker  described the appointment of a new Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor  Attahiru Jega as a positive development and urged Nigerians to continue  to pray for a free and fair elections in 2011 and beyond.

A free and fair election, according to Bankole, would sign-post the deepening of the nation's democratic experience as well as increase the citizen's confidence in the electoral process. In spite of his tight schedule, the Speaker promised to increase his visit to his constituency, adding that he would also continue to financially and materially empower all segments of his constituency for their support and steadfast in the face of serious deprivations from his detractors.