No one method to love

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

Why some persons ask certain questions is one thing I have been looking for the reason even though I know the answer -- Ignorance/Programmed mindset.

One such question is the one making wave on social media. The question is, can you as a man marry a lady you love so much that got pregnant for another man but was abandoned?

If the hypothesis here is 'love' let alone 'so much love', it would be tomfoolery to go for another 'fresh' lady you love but do not have 'so much love' for.

I say this because love is spiritual than we think it is mundane. Love is not the wining, dining, facial beauty and romantic affairs that are associated with un-platonic love affairs.

Love is an innate force that takes one off his physical self for his or her self realisation.

Here, people are asking such question as above, when many homes are replete with adopted children and they are in love with them; some persons still marry ladies with over three children whose husbands perhaps died or divorced because they are in love.

It is essential we understood that some men fall in love with s*x workers in jungle and later marry them. What matters to such men is the love they found, not necessarily the statuses of such persons they love.

We must as a matter of urgency realise that love is a magnetic force, of which while in your house, the heart beats for it. If one is in love, nothing will restrain him or her from marrying that which the heart 'so much' loves.

Do people not break traditional lines because of love? Do able bodied men and women not marry disabled persons they found love in?

May 23 2020.