Short tales by lockdown

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatimah Bakare-Dickson

It is not only just about the lockdown. This is the season of parents knowing more about their children...

I have read and seen parents that are hardly around for their kids. Some believe I have to make money to pay bills, others just don't care about these little angels. Recently I came across parents that are workaholic. Both parents are very busy and the kids are at the mercy of the maids.

I am not against working parents but please try and strike a balance or better still "no born pikin give house girl". This COVID-19 is an answered prayer for a lot of children. Especially my small friend Princess.

I went to her house which is few meters away from mine this evening and I saw the unimaginable. Her mother, my friend gave me a call that she wasn't feeling too well so I rushed in to see her.

I thought it was something serious, first I saw the husband trying to bath the 4 year old daughter so I offered to help. Princess openly rejected my offer and said "l want my daddy to bath me".

Quickly I went straight inside to see the mother. Even me ma I get father.

My friend was actually looking at the daughter from the bedroom. She further asked the younger brother to join the sister for a bath by daddy.

I looked at her then asked what the problem is or if she was pregnant. She looked round to be sure nobody was listening and said in a low voice, "nothing de do me, he should feel my headache with the kids". I looked at her and I did not know how to console the man, he still has to cook and clean the house.

The kids are so happy daddy is the one in charge...the noise was more intense and only God knows what must be going on in his mind as he was bathing the kids.

As he was bathing the 2 year old son, the little boy farted and there was a tiny drop of fesses. The man shouted so I rushed to see for myself. "Look at" the man said, pointing at the fesses. I handed him tissue to pick it and throw it in the WC simple!

The little boy noticed the disgust on daddy's face so he said "sorry daddy ". With soap on his body he touched his daddy's head robbing the soap on his head and face.

It is so obvious he rarely bath his own kids. One good thing this lockdown has thought him, he has a daughter that loves him and wants him around, a son that is apologetic and wants daddy to be happy.

Though my friend is crazy but this little drama has created life long memories that is priceless. Father's behold your children in this lockdown periods.

Meanwhile, in the last few days I have been trying to use my laptop via shared network and it has been proving abortive.

The network keeps hanging and sometimes the network goes off completely. Probably it is my phone with heavy documents that needs to be cleaned up.

It took a little while to clean and empty loads of unwanted and not exactly important files which might be responsible for the slow network. I once again went with full confidence back to laptop, the shared network and ready to post my story.

But still it took time to connect and as usual offline. I thought I must be doing something wrong and needed help.

I reached out for one of my guys in the house, to help me see if it was actually connecting or not. Obviously he was busy with his kid brother so he just came to give me a moment.

As he was doing a background check on my laptop, his brother rushed out to see what was keeping him. He asked what the problem was and out of frustration I quickly said my laptop is not connecting.

He looked at the two of us trying to connect laptop to phone network and laughed at our efforts. With disdain in his tone he said softly the "Network is on isolation"

Immediately it clicked. The network has been bad in the last few days, could it be as a result of the isolation or it is in our character not to get things right.