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Some men who ought to be trend setters when it comes to being stylish don't know what it means to dress well. To them, fashion is all about spending a fortune on the latest designer wear. Stylish men should understand the ABC of fashion and create instant glamour whenever they appear.

When you see men dressed with no fashion sense, you can easily tell their level of exposure just by their style. Most men make unpardonable fashion mistakes, it doesn't mean you must become a fashionista, but you need to be educated on the dos and don'ts of fashion. Here are some life-changing tips to elevate your style:

Blaring designer labels
Don't be a walking advertisement. There is nothing sophisticated about it. Just because you are wearing a designer's name doesn't make you stylish. Please keep it simple.

Fitted shirts
Fitted shirts are good, but shirts fitted tightly are wrong. Some guys don't even consider their pot-belly while making their choices. Avoid fitted shirts if you don't have a flat stomach.

Shiny or glittery shirts and suits
Don't go for anything shiny if you are not a pop star. Leave it for the ladies, it doesn't affirm your masculinity. Some guys wear shiny shirts with jeans, and look funny in the process. A black T-shirt or dress shirt can be worn with jeans or trouser.

Real men wear pink. Psychologically, it has a calming effect. It is complementary to most skin tones. You exude confidence whenever you wear pink. Women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance. You can easily win a lady's heart just by wearing pink. It makes you look tender and in need of a woman's pampering. You can start small with ties if you lack the courage.

Rugby shirt
The most masculine thing a man can wear is a rugby shirt. Never forget to tuck in polo and dress shirts hanging below the hip. Never tuck in turtle neck and sweat shirts.

White shirt
A white dress shirt is good for both day and night outing. Be careful how you wear it alone as a casual shirt.

Avoid novelty ties if you don't have much to spend since the novelty is short-lived. Remember, different knots say different things. Learn how to knot your ties differently to create a cool effect at different events.

Jeans and trousers
Some guys make the mistake of wearing tie, silk shirts and waist coat on jeans, it is appalling. Avoid low cut and tight fitting jeans. Trousers with pleats make you look fatter. No matter your size or age, please go for flat-fronts. You can loosen it a bit to suit you.

A lot of guys miss it when it comes to footwear and socks. If your footwear is worn the wrong way, it will spoil your look. Your socks must match your trousers and shoes. Your white stockings should be reserved for the gym. Avoid wearing stockings with sandals. It is also a no-no to wear jeans shorts, T-shirt tucked in on the tummy area with socks and sandals.

Always match your belt with your shoes. It is best to stay with traditional colours like black, dark brown, rich tan. If you wear sneakers or jeans, try a belt made of fabric or a bold casual leather belt. Avoid dress belts with jeans and sneakers unless you are wearing a dress shirt. Do not wear belt and suspenders together.