Kindergarten college

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatimah Bakare-Dickson

In September 2019, I saw my old time friend in front of a school not too far from my house. I parked to greet her and discuss the usual... don’t be afraid it wasn’t any amebo (gossip), we were only doing our usual catchup.

We talked about kids, their school, and their present classes.

She told me how intelligent her kids are, how far and fast they have gone ahead of my kids. I quikly cut in to remind her it is not how fast but how well, also I am not in a competition with any parent.

She advised me to withdraw my children from their present school so that they can be one year ahead of their mates in a new school.

So I listened with keen interest what parents do now. She gave me instructions which if I followed they will graduate at 19 years of age.

I was overwhelmed by her thinking and was forced to ask of the child's mental capabilities. She told me her children are so intelligent and are top of their classes.

Again, I do not believe in fast tracking children's education. I believe they need to grow in wisdom as certificates are issued in learning and character so why the rush.

I waited to see the kids in college and behold they were on the school swing in the primary section having a good time with their age mates in primary school.

Hmmmmmm. I took a deep breath and wondered what kind of kindergarten college these kids are.

I gave them a sarcastic look which the mother understood. I must admit, these kids are forced to grow up and as such they miss their childhood.

A 9year old in JS2... so the boy got into college at the age of 8 and was given admission by a private school?

I was forced to ask her some vital questions which a reasonable mother should. She told me how they forged birth certificate so that the child can get into school early.

I still don't understand why parents rush these children and at the end they will graduate at 19, unemployed, foolish and naive.

You can imagine a university graduate that is yet to have a complete set of 32 teeth and an underdeveloped brain.

I don't care about the judgement of my friends, all I want is for my children to be happy not to be in an unhealthy competition seeking for employment.

Well I have consolation in the book of Proverb "A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men". Not certificate at an early age.

Kids need to mature. They need to grow both intellectually, morally and let me not go into another conversation regarding children geniuses and the implications.