We don't have all passwords

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatima Bakare-Dickson

In my years of being a mum, some things come as expected, some are already anticipated and some are unknown. It is like that case of known unknown and unknown known, and it can be unknown unknown.

The kids God put in my care make some silly mistakes I have to correct, some mistakes are strange but not new under the sun. All you need to do is listen to another parent and you go wow wow like an ambulance with awe and astonishment.

Going through their journals I realize their ideas are way beyond my imagination, thoughts and I need to work harder in the talking business. Which is the stage when you honestly are getting past the flogging and igbaju (slap) stage.

I have always imagined how they come about some plans that they have penned down and how achievable they are. After I was done with the journal, I went further to their cell phones. I actually don't know what I was searching for but I just did.

The older one had lots of chats which took me two days finish. Maybe he wants to be in the 'soul' business I don't know but he sure can carry secrets to the grave.

The younger dude did the unimaginable thing. After charging his phone all through the night, I woke up with the expectations to search for good knows what, then I saw this opening user message "haha, you don't know my pattern"

This is annoying, after charging the phone, then the first thing I see is a laugh on the matter at hand.

Well...I accepted the popular saying "some mothers do have them."