There is a man in my house

By Fatimah Dickson-Bakare
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Recently my kids came home on mid-term break, I took a day off to at least do our usual gossip.

They got into their room to see what I have dashed out (a normal routine). Usually it can be as bad as if you don't keep your trousers well, I'll dash it out to those who truly need and deserve it.

I needed to tidy up few things but I slept off. While I was deep asleep,

I started hearing strange voice. It was a baritone, or a super deep voice but it wasn't a familiar voice. Immediately I knew there was a man in the house.

I woke up quickly so that I could listen to the conversation. And like the man was aware, he continued softly so that I will not be part of the discuss or probably not to wake me up.

I called the younger dude in the house to enquire who the visitor was, he told me I was dreaming that there was no one in the house. So I sat down to think about it and be attentive. I heard the voice once again. Quickly I shouted his name. This time around, I hurriedly rushed to their room to see things for meself.

Both boys rushed to hold me and asked if I had a bad wasn't funny at all.

I looked at the both of them in their bewildered looks, I had to confess. "My guy, (that is what I call him.) I didn't recognize your new and amazing baritone voice, but now I do". He gave me a pat on the shoulder, a lovely smile and replied "...and am taller than you now".

It was indeed a priceless moment. Another man in the house, it wasn't just priceless, it was all the more worth it because I could turn back the hands of time and see how the boy is suddenly becoming a lad, a young adult in the making, and his brother in just some three months officially becomes a teen.

Parents shouldn't miss their kids great moments and parents should in this generation that is something else not loose these moments.