What did I vote for?

By Fatimah Bakare
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Fatimah Dickson Bakare
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I am musing Nigerian civil servants can so work...very hardworking lot

Over the weekend I normally clean the house, do my groceries’ shopping and weekly cooking. It is easier for me to do my chores over the weekend and have a fruitful working week.

I drove to the Jos market area and found the Park and Pay team ready to collect 100 naira for the state government.

I know Civil Servants don't work on Saturdays, so how come they are here to collect money on a ‪Saturday evening‬? I painfully paid 100 Naira and walked away.

I finished my shopping and I headed back home.
It looked like I was ambushed if you asked me, but the notorious VIO stopped me to asked for my papers also. It was indeed a terrible scene I wouldn't want anyone to encounter.

Indeed it was a bad day and I thought it had ended as I was on my way home. Then I got a call from my friend and sister. She needed to be rushed to the hospital.

I drove to her house immediate. The roads are extremely bad. Then I began to imagine, I paid you to pack, I also paid you to drive my car; then use the money to fix the road. Is it too much to ask?

Again I thought it was going to be that easy to check her in to the hospital. I was wrong once again.

She was at the waiting room while I gave them her card. She was in pain and everyone could see. They gave her a bed at the female word and asked me to pay for certain number of test. Before she will be attended to.

I ran to the counter to pay but other people were there waiting for the cashier.

My friend is still in pain seeking for attention.
How can those in position of authority treat their citizens this badly?

While she was in pain I made aquintance with a woman who later told me she is a teacher.

I went round to do the necessary payment, it took me almost an hour to get it done then finally the nurse said " doctor will be here soon".

I thought I was dreaming, after all the marathon, there was no single doctor on call. I refused to understand, my friend was becoming weak and we need to act fast.

I called few of our family members because I couldn’t go any further.

My aunt called me and asked me to take her to a private hospital immediately. After waiting for almost two hours then I get to leave...Well her life is more important to us then the money.

Less than 30 minutes the same test was carried out at a cheaper rate.

The same people I VOTED for, can't give me good roads but they can collect from me every year in the name vehicle particulars, simple hospital, they collect fortune from people, common water I have to buy.

I blame myself for walking a distance to thumb print on election day. Of what use is my vote when nobody cares about us...I am still musing