The problem house

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
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Fatimah Bakare-Dickson

Few years ago my aunt Oluremi Adebayo of blessed memory told me a story about the problem house, I was naughty and naive but, I never believed her.

How could problems be missing or even stolen? This I have always wondered and needed answers.

Again I remember vividly how she emphasized on exchange of problems.

My marriage was interfaith and intertribe, there wasn't any form of support from either of our families. Just like any other marriage there was the early days of crisis and I needed a responsible elder to run to.

My aunt had quite a lot of stories relating to whatever problems one had. She told me about the Problem House.

The problem house is a beautiful apartment designed to occupy problems.

Problems are packed in various sizes and designs, the owners will come in at anytime to drop it. However, the owners of these problems never look back.

Out of countless people that had dropped their problems, a particular woman needed answers on where her problems will go to and who takes care of it. I bet, she wasn't alone on this.

Few minutes after she dropped her problems, she went back there to search for it and it was gone. It was wise to know where her problems had gone to.

Thus, The Problem house had various compartments namely, marital probs, financial probs, satanic attack, fruit of womb probs etc.

This woman decided to see what other people before her had dropped in the marital problem room.

The first problem read, "my husband beats me and steals my money". Quickly, she shouted, "God forbid" how can a man in his right senses beats his wife and steal what belongs to the two of them.

She went further to open another well packed problem which read, "my husband has a permanent room in a luxury hotel". Again she shouted, "luxury hotel"? This man must be a politician to be able to afford a luxury hotel.

Again she thought she had seen it all then the last one broke the camel’s back. It reads"my husband is jobless, he brings different women to the house when I am at work, feeds and discharge them with my earnings ".

She has never imagined this kind of problems in her life, nobody bargained for the worst but shit happens.

However, she needed to catch a glimpse of her earlier dropped problem, low and behold it was gone.

Her problem had been stolen by one of the convener of the earlier stated problems, she thought she had a marital problem, until she read about other women then she knew hers was a child's play.

Then this got me thinking, people steal each others problems in the Problem House.

You think you have a problem until you visit the Problem House and you learn to be grateful not because it’s bad, but it could have been worse. And this is not a call to nonchalance but to learn to be retrospective before any action.