Some husbands are dying...

By Fatimah Bakare-Dickson

Today I woke up with the sad news of my father being in the hospital after a heart attack.

Nigerian hospitals are expensive but not efficient, so I had to rush there and see how he is doing. Looking at him I know it will take a miracle for him to survive, but we just have to try.

While in the hospital, my two younger ones called me to remind me of their JAMB fees which I had discussed with my husband.

I got home to meet my husband's younger sister who also was to sit for JAMB, WAEC and NECO. However, my three kids are on Easter break which means my husband will be paying another school fees in a few weeks time. Like we always do, I question God for Providence.

As I sit to think about all the bills, I got a call from my brother in the hospital, sister, his condition is critical and the doctor says we should bring money for dialysis—250k.

In my mind I know he will not survive it so I called his closest relative in the village. My husband, my sister's husband and myself paid the 250k so as to commence treatment. None of his family members donated a dime.

While my father was on dialysis, my husband paid exams fees for all the younger ones preparing sequel to admission.

Few weeks after dialysis, my father passed on. Like I did when he was ill, I called his closest relatives, after all the suffering in the hospital I got the shocker of my life.

We have a bill of over 2milloin for his burial.
My husband will have to generate 800k while my sister's husband also will do same. I asked my sister to discuss it with her husband and I'll do same then we can start arrangements from there.

Like I promised, when my husband came back I gave him the bills of the burial. Then he added,1m for burial+150 for school fees+transport to the village 100+ feeding for the month 50k, your mother's monthly feeding 10k, my parents monthly feeding 20k, electricity+data+drinking water+ toiletries+ baby food 30k and finally ambulance to convey corpse 250k.

2m and still counting on funeral of a man who couldn't afford dialysis, I'll speak with your brother in-law and get back to your father's family. He didn't eat that night and he went to bed.

The following morning he dresses up and about living for the Shop. My two older kids insist they want to follow him so I thought it is okay.

I equally left home at about same time to see my mom and further discuss the burial with her. I spent the whole day with her.

My husband has not been eating as he is trying to raise money for the funeral, he is slowly killing himself.

I am at the recieving end, he cannot afford my family demands for burial, but he is trying to make sure we are all happy at the end of it

I could see it in his eyes, he is up to no good, I hope he doesn't do drugs or robbery...