How much is sex?

By Fatimah Bakare

After a hard day at work, I decided to give myself a treat.

I believe in hard work, but all work no food makes one a slave to the money you have earned.

I set out for the regular relaxation spot in Jos, the popular West of Mines. It is such an amazing place to get grilled fish. It was difficult to get a parking space so I looked all around like a confused bride waiting for her groom at the altar.

Finally I got a hidden place so I confidently parked and strolled through the altars of fish, so that I can get a good one for myself and husband.

As I was walking I noticed a guy smiling at me so I thought we had met before, foolishly I smiled back and continued walking towards a fish tent.

The same guy came further and gave me a wink, then brought out his tongue... I was too dazzed to reply so I ignored the “monkey”.

I took a walk further to find my choice fish.
Finally I found one, as a woman my bargaining power is intact so I stood to bargain for it. Another guy was there before me so listened to his conversation with the fish merchant, I couldn't believe it.

Fish is now so expensive the woman told us, and she is sorry the least it will go for is 3k. The man now asked me to bargain for mine which I did and finally it was relatively a good price.

We both stood in front of the woman as she prepares the fish. She told us how expensive things are these days and sales are dropping.

The man beside me took a deep breath and ask us a simple question which I didn’t have an answer.

“Do you mean fish is more expensive than women? He added, “look around you, they cost just a thousand”.

I summoned courage and replied, good women are priceless, but sex is cheap.