Today's Christian Devotion 17-09-2018

By The Nigerian Voice
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This beautiful Sunday morning, God Almighty shall consider you and make you the pillar, the flag bearer and the voice of your family in Jesus name amen.

Just as no man can cover the sun from shining, so shall no one hinder your light from shining. Your light shall overpower and outshine the light of your enemies in the Mighty name of Jesus, amen.

You shall dominate, subdue, conquer, rule and reign over your enemies in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen.

The cap of your ancestors shall not size your head. Heaven shall anoint your head afresh with the oil of greatness and gladness. You shall do exploits and nothing shall limit you, in Jesus name, amen.

Meet God today again in His Sanctuary with Thanksgiving and He will perfect your ways in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Good morning, happy Sunday and have a fruitful new week.