Divorce, Breakdown in Families, Mental illness and What Nigerian, Blogger Jenny Chisom Tagged “Find Love Again”#Flag4Men

By JennyChisom Blog
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The family remains the smallest and most impactful unit of any nation or world. In Africa especially, it is usually a pride to show off.

Most recently however, the spate of broken trust in love relationships is leading to negative trends which stare us all in the face daily and it seems no one can broach the topic at least on a large scale.

The situation has seen the rise and rise in spousal separation, divorces, higher stigmatization for people living in disability who seek love as well as made many mature single men wary of getting into the beautiful institution of marriage.

It could be a fall out of globalization, women empowerment, better education, more liberal policies and the like, as more people are wont to argue.

While the outcome of this ugly trend is a lot, we have subconsciously become accustomed to the growing number of fatherless children, husbandless wives, single mothers, and even transgenders especially in males and, that is worrisome.

For an under-developed continent like Africa with focus on Nigeria, this trend portends a disaster especially for the boys and girls who are products of these absentee fatherhood trends and brokenness. This we found out is the major drive of Nigerian blogger and Advocate, Jenny Chisom Opara.

Catching up with her as she unveils her newest blog project “ Find Love Again for Men Only ”, Jenny Chisom who is named Africa’s first male empowerment blogger and has been hosting “The Man and Himself” series in 2017 amongst other men projects said that “the wrong notion that a male is born empowered by default has left our generation worst hit with family tragedies as we see what seems like the seeming weakening of the male gender. Being the gender not raised to be expressive or even assert vulnerability, we have seen the hurt in the eyes of men especially in all kinds of broken relationships and marriages and are set to fix that with therapy, support and personal freedom strategies. Males must be carried along in our empowerment drive not so that they can support women alone but first that they find their individuality and quit living devoid of love and constantly thriving to pass the masculinity test – to be accepted as real men”.

She also noted that “since October 2016 when I refocused my blog to male support advocacy, we have been able to inspire a lot more people to raise the conversation and I am glad that it is getting so much attention. We cannot raise girls without thinking of developing the boys and providing empowerment for the men they will work and live with through life. We are set to balance this equation before the mental health of citizens gets even worse and ruin our collective wellbeing”.

We also got the clue that she is working with experts in family life and seasoned therapists to facilitate the intimate sessions at the event scheduled to hold in Abuja, Nigeria on Sunday, September 30, 2018.

It is frightening to see how this family brokenness links with disempowering family units and also taking a toll on the mental health of men, women and children. We applaud bloggers who understand the influence of their platforms and look forward to Africans supporting men, boys and women alike for a better society.

Jenny Chisom is a Corporate Blogging coach of 5 years and blogs about Male empowerment advocacy on www.jennychisom.com @jennychisomblog