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Todays's Christian Devotion - 08-07-2008

By The Nigerian Voice

Good morning my beloved friend in Christ and happy Sunday.

Here is another call of reminder of what we already know.

The question this morning is how prepared are we for the day of the Lord and His coming?

The scriptures tell us that He shall come like a thief unannounced. And on that day of reckoning, every one of us 'must' give account of how we spent our time here on earth. The Bible says in Romans 14:12 so then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

So thereof, evaluate and reflect on your back(your past) and watch your front(your present and your future) and adjust whatsoever that needs to be adjusted in your life now, because the hour that was spoken of is here, sooner everyone must stand on the queue to answer present to the roll call.

My prayer for us this morning is for God to pull off anything in our lives that will disqualify us on that remarkable day in Jesus name. And by His grace we shall make heaven. AMEN.

Good morning again and happy Sunday