Ibinabo Fiberesima Steps out in ‘Controversial’ Outfit

By The Nigerian Voice

Nollywood actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima, has been enjoying her private style of life but has continued making headlines for some funny reasons.

The actress is blessed with children but her way of dressing has made many wonder what she is teaching her only girl child which she bore for actor, Fred Amata.

Ibinabo might have some personal challenges but to some, she is seen as a role model and her way of dressing sometimes calls for questioning as she was recently attacked by her fans.

She stepped out in a lovely outfit which matched the event of the night but what ruined the dressing was the fact that lovely part of her cleavages were showing.

biola_abiola: U giving 18year olds run for their money lol u rock Goddess!

hospitalityandmsb: Why do we like to mislead people? All these adjective can it not be earned or said without any body part showing still? A woman should be a "mystery " not a show glass of things or parts. What a pity when a woman is defined as beautiful,etc synonymous to showing body parts!!! I have many times admired her dresses and stylist.but this is not one of them.Just my opinion observing another like myself & concerned.

kevinuvo: @hospitalityandmsb get to a pharmacy ask for sleeping tablet buy it take overdose and go to bed