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Following the rumoured arrest and detention of the screen goddess by the SSS in Abuja, in a fact-finding mission contacted the enigma called Stella Damasus-Aboderin over the arrest and the mother of two explained bitterly why some people are out to tarnish or dent her cherished image which has taken her years to build.

“I was never arrested at the Airport neither did I have any rift with anybody at the Abuja Airport.

When Kate and I went to Transcorp Hilton in Abuja to lodge as directed by the management of the film, 'Widow' we came to premier, at the entrance, one of the officials at the hotel passed an uncomplimentary comment at us and we had to give it back to him. As the rift between this guy and us became so high, one of the top managers of the hotel got wind of the crisis and queried the guy why he had to be so saucy to customers but the saucy guy fail to apologise despite the fact that the instruction came from his oga. The raged Oga just instructed the guy to be ignominiously sacked for his gross insubordination and that was it. The following day, I was surprised to see two uniformed men who identified themselves as policemen, they invited me to their station where I had to write a statement, in fact, I didn't spend more than an hour and half before I was asked to go” Stella explained

You have heard it all, the above words are sourced directly from the multi-talented artiste a day before she jetted out to London.

By Alonge Michael (NFC)