No ordinary fete…Abike Dabiri’s son marries Governor Amosun’s daughter

• High society agog as Amosun treats daughter to epic ceremony
By The Capital

There is unprecedented thrill in high society, even as you read. Nigeria’s political circle is agog like medieval Rome in the throes of Caesar’s wedding party. News of an epic wedding of Dabiri-Erewa’s son, Oladipo, and Amosun’s daughter, Ayomide, courses through the social arena like a comet garnishing New Year’s eve with flakes of gold.

Yes, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital will open its bowels to the crème of Nigerian society on the 8th July. The city will creak at the eaves for Nigerian politicians. Thus as you read, there is excitement in the house of Dabiri and palpable exhilaration amongst the high-society.

Expectedly, Amosun is leaving no stone unturned to give his daughter a wondrous wedding. Predictably, many people are eager to be part of the memorable celebration. Not a few people have been jostling to lay their hands on a copy of the invite.

With the prestige enjoyed by Amosun and Abike Dabiri in political and social circles, the event is sure to be well attended by the crème of high society.