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To Avoid Failed Marriage, Never Allow Anger with Your Lover Exceed 24hrs…Actress, Nma Sinachi Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

These days in the Nigerian entertainment industry, there have been high rate of failed marriages among some celebs and many have been trying to look for solutions to these lingering issues and Nollywood actress, Nma Sinachi, is not left out.

The young actress might be single, but she has been able to learn and understand through her family and close relatives about what real marriage or true love should look like.

Some have asked if some of these failed marriages was all about money or publicity as the couples involved find it difficult to let go their ego and unite back with their loved ones.

Nma sharing her thoughts on this pointed out that there is no perfect relationship but what makes it unique is ability to forgive and let go within 24hours.

She added that there is constant need for couples to reassure themselves of how much they truly love each other as this will go a long way in making the mind happy.

According to her, “Every relationship will have fights and arguments but what makes a relationship strong is trust, honesty and transparency, never get tired to reassure you partner of your Love for each other, You must believe in each other and constantly work to prove to one another that no matter how much you fight or argue or how many differences come between you,

“Don't Tag your Woman a NAG Simply because, she complains of little things that requires your Understanding, you don't let your Anger get to heart wit the one you say you Love, always try to understand and make sure every quarrel never exceed Maximum 24Hrs, don't give room for second thought with the one you Love, No Gambling in Love, ultimately you both love each other and that’s the most important thing. That is the true beauty of a soulful relationship, when a woman loves, she loves for real.”