7 Surprising Things You Can Do With Used Teabags

By Jumia Travel

After using a tea bag, you are likely to throw them away because you don't have any use for them. However, you will stop throwing your used tea bags away after digesting these tips shared by Jumia Travel and Jumia Mobile Week . Read on to know more!

Rust proof your cookware
You can protect your pots, spoons and other cooking items or wares from rusting by wiping them with used damp teabags after cooking with them. Tannins in the tea will shield the wares from oxidation that cause rust.

Freshen your fridge
Used tea bags can also help you freshen your fridge. You place the bags in an open plate in the fridge and it will remove any foul odours in it. Before you know, the smell oozing out of your fridge will be very clean and fresh.

It stop razor cuts or bleeding
When next you bleed or you are cut by a razor blade, you should use a warm or damp tea bag to stop the bleeding. There are antioxidants that can stop bleeding.

Freshen your breath
Bad breath is caused by bacteria and this can be very unpleasant. Prepare two teabags of strong tea, allow it to cool and use it to rinse your mouth. To get the best result, rinse your mouth with the prepared tea daily after a meal.

Make your hair shiny
Steam two or three bags of tea and after it cools, you should use it to wipe your hair with it. You should do this after shampooing your hair. Tea contains a reasonable amount of caffeine that can assist in hair growth and make your hair shiny.

Relieve your stressed eyes
For those who spend hours gazing at a computer or mobile phone, this action may stress your eyes. But you can relieve your tired eyes by placing two tea bags on your closed eyes. You should lie back for 15 minutes to allow the tea have an effect. You will see the effect.

Help with minor sunburn
Tannin is a very effective and powerful element in tea. Since tea features this element, you can use to fight sunburn by simply wiping a wet tea bag on the affected parts.