You are like a Rose...

By Melanie Miller

You are like a rose, so beautiful yet so warm and lovely to behold.

You never scold me or tell me how to act and feel.
You're love is so real and never surreal.
Your kiss is passionate and sweet, and you sweep me right off my dainty feet.

You are all man and I, am all woman and this woman belongs to none other but you.

Your my inspiration and my only destination and I want to thank you for your love and honesty.

I would never trade you in for another, and oh brother, how much do I love you!

You can make me feel joyous in my heart, like you did from the very start.

I will always cherish you, like the rose you gave to me on our anniversary day!

I will never leave your side, and secrets I have, inside my mind, no need to hide them, as I can tell you everything.

I know, you shall always be a part of me, and never break my heart into pieces, like so many others have done to me before, in the past and I know, our love will never be broken into, and always last.

You are the angel of my life and I will be proud to always stay your faithful and loving wife.

We shall be together for the rest of our lives and when we enter heavens door, we shall still be a pair of lovers always in love forever more!

melanie miller