"Past Memories"

By Melanie Miller

A long time ago, in a far away place...
You knew who I was, you knew me by name.
You stole my heart and ripped it into shreds.
Now, I'm secretly, wishing you had loved me instead.

You tore through my soul, like a fierce tiger, so bold!

All you ever did was tease and scold!
I still think of you, about the way you wore so insolent and uncouth.

I'm glad we are apart and that is the truth.


Ghostly beings posses my soul,
taking control of my mind...
and I am lost.
Looking through broken glass windows, I find..
fragments of my soul that wore left behind.
I collect the pieces and lock them safely in my chest.

Someday, I will put the puzzle back together,
this shall be my quest.

"Ocean of Tears"

A ocean of tears, that I cried today,
because sadly, you left me and went far away.
Not even a note or letter have you wrote,
or even a postcard.
You hurt me deeply, and I can't understand why you had to go.

Perhaps you found somebody new.
And if you did, I hope she is good to you.
But just one thing, I need you to know,
I was true to you and loved you so.

"Whispers in The Night"

I hear you calling out my name...
I know it's your voice, cause' it always sounds the same.

Soft gentle sounds...echo's in my mind and ear, and you whisper to me enchantingly, "I love you so, my dear."

"A Gentle Breeze"

So gentle and mild is the air...
it travels many miles, without a single worry or care.

I stand by the ocean and inhale the watery sea and think of a long ago love,

that seems to have been gone for a century.
The breeze caresses my tresses, and face, as I look into the water and think of our daughter,

we had together.
You're gone and that's what I must face everyday,
but the memory of you, will never fade away.

"Mirror...mirror, under the Bridge"

She stands alone with the wind slapping against her face, as she looks into the water below...

Of an image of a girl she sees but is it her that is reflected into that watery graven pool below?

A puzzled look surfaces her face as the figure of a saddened woman looks at the mirrored portrait and she feels..

as if the girl in the water is beckoning her, requesting that she jump in and leave all misery of tainted and painted loss behind,

and toss it aside.
Her eyes know hers as she looks deeply into that mirror under her feet.

She only has the weight of the bridge to keep her safe, but if that bridge caved in..she would go into that mirror below and be as one,

with the image.
For they are one in the same...she knows this now.
The lost woman and the girl that has been captured into a watery painting of a girl of the past...

her ghost it is or just her own reflection of once was.

For the child in the glassy window is of a happier time and the woman wisheth to be that child again.

The mirror holds the key to an unlocked door and she will find that key to her past and unlock it and let herself escape,

into the image with the child of yesteryear.
Together they will be as one finally, the child and the woman at peace soon to be and contentment will fill their souls..

"My Friend,The Wind"

When the wind blows, it rustles through my tresses and gently tickles my face...

as if to playfully say, ''hello''.
The wind, is my friend.
A sweet spirit from afar.
I love my friend, the wind...as we are like one in the same.

It follows me wherever it decides to.
Gallantly, we take quiet walks together.
Sometimes, my special friend even whispers to me, kind words and sweet poetry.

The wind will always be around for me.
And when I want to feel its' gentle breeze, it seems to know and it comes to me.

Sometimes, the wind blows angerly..but it does not mean it towards me, you see.

I feel in my heart, it is a God-send.
It doesn't tell me lies, or pretend.
I know that the wind, is my true friend.

The end...