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Why I call My Husband “MY BELOVED KNIGHT”…Vicky Reveals

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We are Bobbie and Vicky, two inseparable love ‘birds’ whose love has heaven’s seal on it! Our story is quite interesting. I’ll let Bobbie do the story telling as he is obviously better with the details. I call him BK (my beloved knight) because that’s what he is. I love him for his indomitable spirit and courage; he makes it a point to bring out the best in me. He is selfless, supportive, down to earth, jovial and deeply spiritual.

This is our story… You could call it ‘Love at First Sight’ *wink*

On a seemingly hot afternoon, Friday the 20th day of February, 2015, I went to Marien clinic in Lagos-Nigeria, for a routine check-up. I walked into the familiar doctor’s consultation room, only to see a slim stunning faced Doctor. She was definitely new at the hospital as I had not seen her in all the several previous times I had visited for the same routine check. Just like any Doctor would, she asked what I was there for. She had this captivating smile that goes beyond words can tell. I made sure we got talking; just maybe that was the entire cure I needed. I told her what I do for a living but what caught her interest was the fact that I am also an MC on the side. We figured we struck a common cord when we began to talk about books; we both love to read. And she is a writer! Wow! I had never met a young writer my entire life till then. I didn’t want the conversation to end; I felt that instant that I had found a gem so precious that I’ll be a fool to jeopardize. I was not satisfied with the introduction to this interesting book; I wanted to spend the rest of my life unveiling every chapter till I breathe my last.

I proceeded for a blood test and well, I had to come back to see the Doctor for the final round. Lord bless my Soul! I would seize every opportunity to see that smile again! The Doctor gave diagnosis and prescriptions, yet Heaven knows all I had in my head while this conversation was going was ‘I hope we get to exchange contacts!’ I didn’t want this conversation to end! Not now…not ever! And God does answer the prayer of a sincere love struck man, don’t you think? We did exchange contacts and that’s where our journey of friendship began.

By that Sunday, couple of days later that is, we had spoken so deeply that one could almost think we had known each other for years on end. The communication became stronger and consistent and we soon became an inseparable pair. A year down the line we are now counting a few weeks to the big day!

Vicky is a calm, caring, intelligent and beautiful one of a kind woman. She loves the Lord, and is a staunch believer with sound spirituality. She is a good listener, and a great cook too (very important) hahaha! She is a fast growing romantic and I am particularly happy about this because it will help us in the long run. She is so proud of me and that goes a long way for any man you know! She encourages me in every possible way and she accepts me just as I am. I call her my personal blessing. I love her passionately. Loving her is easy because I possess God’s peace even as I love her and learn to grow in that love by the day. Vickie is my best friend.

Our strength has indeed been God and good communication. Distance sometime posed a challenge but communication has always been vital to our relationship. Every relationship requires trust, openness and vulnerability. Do not be embarrassed to share your feelings, thoughts, fears and emotions with your partner, do the serious talk moments but also the playful talk too. Most importantly, pray together. It goes a long way to strengthen the relationship; that is our advice to all those in relationships.

Bobbie and Vickie.