Ugandans Queue for Nigeria Movie Auditions

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One of Nigeria's great actors, Zack Orji has been in Uganda on invitation of Paragon Promotions, to produce the first international film between Nigerian and Ugandan actors.

The movie producer/actor/scriptwriter/director Orji who was accommodated at Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga, presided over the auditions and selection of the Ugandan actors who would act in the upcoming movie to be shot in March.

The first day of the auditions attracted a large number of budding and famous actors along radio/television presenters and musicians.

Among the big names at the auditions were, Charles James Senkubuge, Patricko Mujuuka and Nancy Kalembe both actors of the Hand In Hand TV soap, Sheila Nvannungi, Ruth Wanyana, Cindy of Blu*3, Karitas Karisimbi, Bbina Baby, Titi, Laila Kalanzi, Aisha Kabanda, Aisha Kyomuhangi, Katongole Omutongole and Sylvia Ndawusi.

The interviewees who also included children and a good number of Nigerian movie fans were given a script that they each read with body expressions depicting the written dialogue, as Orji awarded them marks.
Many panicked, trembled and stammered as they were put on trial to make the conversation exciting.

Mujuuka, Kalembe and the little-known Angel Natukunda exuded confidence and wonderfully expressed themselves such that Orji could not hide his excitement.

The two-day auditions saw more than 80 interviewees assessed for the second auditions (cast auditions) that will take place in February.
Orji promised to return with other Nigerian actors and the filming crew to shoot the movie.

The actor made history by getting an AMEN awards nod for best actor for his debut film, The Unforgivable Sin in 1995.

The Gabon-born and Nigeria-raised Orji has acted in more than 150 movies that include, Glamour Girls, Pretenders and Living in Bondage.

Orji is expected to give his final say on extras who will be joining the cast in February for the second auditions, that will involve casting and site selection.