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10 Ways to Fill Eyebrows so They Look Natural

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Want on-fleek brows? Follow the tips below carefully. Thank us later!

1. Decide on the color you will need. If you have dark hair, you should choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than the natural color of your brows. If you have light hair and are deepening them, opt for a tone that’s a half to one shade darker than your brows.

2. Buy a good eyebrow powder, mousse or pencil. Any product that you choose may take some time to master.

3. Buy a stiff angled brush:  The stiff bristles of the brush are great for providing control when applying powders and defining your eyebrow shape.

4. Use a light hand. Do not use too much product or press on skin hard. Remember, it’s always easier to add color than to remove it. This is how you keep them looking like you woke up like that.

5. If you’re using powder. Using a stiff angled brush apply the powder in angles by following the way your hair is growing.

6. For those choosing pencil. These are great for filling in sparse spots and can work magic. Lightly hold the pencil and draw hair strokes in the sparse areas. Use a stiff angled brush to soften the lines if needed.

7. When opting for mousse. We love how mousse covers gray and instantly deepens while providing some holding power. Simply stroke on your brows like you do mascara on your lashes. However you probably won’t put on multiple coats on your brows.

8. Stand back. Take a look, standing at a distance from the mirror to see if the brows are looking visually balanced and natural so far.

9. Fine-tune. Add more product only if needed. Don't overdo it.

10. Use a brow wax. A wax will keep your brows from smudging if you used pencil or powder for tamed for all day beauty.