Why Too Many Bastards?

Source: thewillnigeria.com

Family is traditionally composed of a man and woman who have sexual rights over one another and where in procreation is enhanced. This is to say that a family will consist of a man, his wife and their children.

As a necessary part of any society, family is formed through the machineries of the law, moral, religious and cultural imperative. This imperative is called marriage.

Marriage is thus, a formal, legal way in which a man is joined to his spouse in a holy matrimony. Culturally, marriage is facilited with certain conditions being held constant. Suffice to say:

#1. That the man is matured, fit, able and capable of marriage.

#2. That the woman is chaste
#3. That certain items are brought to consummate the marriage

#4. That the woman is not carring a foetus
5. That the union is witnessed. There conditions are numerous.

Of the points stated above, point #2 present itself to be the most robbed.

Not only has ‘chastity’ disappear as part of the conditions for marriage. It has even rare it ugly head in many facets. Now, most people are comfortable marrying any ‘girl’ even when such as a girl is certified as ‘amoral’. Also, the perception has increased why most people test drive the car before buying it. This ultimately, leads to the birth of more bastards than freeborn.

Religiously, Culturally and morally, bastards are not it. In some climes, Bastards cannot rule a territory or lead religious institutions. This is because, they are bastards!

It take just two things to stop this menace.
#1. Don’t impregnate your partner before marriage

#2. Don’t jump on the badwagon. That a large number of persons are doing it, doesn’t make it right. Do it right! Do the needful.

Written by Bankole Olatunji.

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