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In this issue New African Football looks at the just

concluded African soccer awards ceremony organized by CAF.

Yet again CAF finds itself drawn into controversy. Though

all other awards were applauded the award for Africa's

player of the year is said to have been awarded to one that

did not really merit it. It was given to Didier Drogba,

whereas many believe that Samuel Etoo was better suited for

it. For the third year in a row, this award has been

awarded to undeserving players.
New African Football also looks at the serious errors

African teams are committing weeks before the World Cup,

changing coaches. This could spell doom for these teams.

Plus it seems the South Africans were so keen on preparing

to successful host the World Cup that they forgot to prepare

a suitable training ground for their own team.
Kolo Toure, is the star player featured in this month's