Top 5 Tourist-Friendly Areas In Lagos


Lagos City is a large and very populated city. It is also the most visited metropolis by tourists in Nigeria as its boroughs are home to some of the country’s most recognizable and cherished landmarks. The city contains an exhaustive roster of must-see destinations into one compact area than any other place in the country.

With so much to do, see and a lot of areas to check out, tourists are sure of having a marvelous time. Whether you’re an out-of-town guest or visiting from another part of the world, you bound to have the best experience in these areas. With that in mind,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has rounded up 5 most tourist-friendly areas in Lagos.


So many songs, and even a movie, have been named after this famous area of metropolitan Lagos. Located on the Lagos mainland, Surulere is a residential and commercial part of the city bustling with local businesses of all types that stay open all day. Its central location means proximity to most other parts of Lagos.

Surulere scores high as a tourist friendly area. The area offers an eclectic food scene and plenty of bars, as well as everything from curated thrift shops to pricey boutiques. Although the average one-bedroom apartment price is not drastically cheaper than other areas in the city, the cost of living here tends to be less when you consider its roadside stores and street vendors that offer overall cheaper restaurant options. The National Stadium and the National theatre, which are famous tourist attractions, are found within the area as well.


Popular with the upper class residents of Nigerian society, Ikoyi is arguably the wealthiest community within Lagos. But then, although it is the most expensive neighborhood in the Lagos, it is arguably still a good deal.

Throw in the upcoming 7 star hotel; a mix of excellent 5 to 4-star hotels, upscale bars, restaurants and shops; safe, clean streets and perhaps the most beautiful environs in the city, it clearly has a lot to offer tourists. By day the neighborhood is quiet and its streets are lined with upscale shops and boutiques.


Victoria Island
Bordered by the Atlantic ocean on the south, the Lagos Lagoon on the west and the Five Cowrie Creek to the north, Victoria Island is one of the most scenic areas in Lagos. Known for its trendy shopping and favored brunch spots, as well as its fashion-centric habitants, you will find an array of upscale hotels, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls, movie theatres and world-class restaurants here.

Tourists are bound to have a marvelous stay in this area food-wise as it boasts of a diverse restaurant scene and visitors are spoilt with choice from different cultures and ethnicities. The area also houses a vast number of diplomatic missions. You will find the embassies for Germany, Bulgaria and Great Britain, as well as a number of consulates, including those of the United States Consulate, India, Brazil, Lebanon, and Spain. Also, there are so many tourist attractions to keep the tourist occupied.


Lekki Peninsula
A naturally formed peninsula, Lekki is a distinct urban area of its own in Lagos. While some parts of the area like Jakande or Ajah have often been branded “unhip”, a recent influx of restaurant hot spots and a younger crowd is slowly changing that, giving it more of the trendy vibe that most tourist tend to seek.

Visitors to Lekki often rave about the pockets of quiet and serenity as well as the fun nightlife owing to the plethora of clubs, lounges, bars and night cafés (both upscale and cut-rate). The Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), a major Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) site is a very popular tourist attraction found in this area as well.


Festac Town
One of the most blended areas in Lagos, in terms of class, Festac is the first of many neighborhoods to bloom within Lagos City.

Originally referred to as “Festival Town” or “Festac Village”, it is a residential estate designed to house the participants of the Second World Festival of Black Arts and Culture of 1977. It has however developed into a place much bigger and serves as a core to the city of Lagos. While less fancy when compared to areas like Victoria Island , Ikoyi and lekki, Festac hold rich history and offers a diverse ethnic hospitality scene. Every block has something to keep visitors entertained.