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There are Many Gods and Goddesses to Serve!

By Melanie Miller
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There are many Gods and Goddesses to serve. Each person(s) are entitled to serve whomever they so wish or desire to. You can serve Christ, Allah or Buddha or Isis, Aphrodite, Thor and the list goes on here!

Whom do you prefer to serve, and remember no one can tell you whom to worship, as is your choice and your choice alone. You have that right to serve whom you feel most comfortable serving.

I, myself have religious friends as well as Wiccan and Pagan friends. I used to attend a coven of witches a long time ago!

I feel you are a person no matter whom you worship and you are entitled to serve a God or Goddess that you wish too and no one can take this away from you. If you wish to be an atheist, then this is your right too. I can not tell you that Christ is the one to serve alone, or you can serve many Gods or Goddesses. I know of solitary witches and warlocks as well.

I know many folks that are into Voodoo magic and casting spells, as I myself cast spells, and cast them free of charge. If you wish to only be agnostic then by all means, you have this right as well.

Would you prefer to not serve any God or Goddess?
I have cast spells in Aphrodite name and meet her once, as she visited me in my home. I asked her for a certain man to love me and my man came to me and loves only me he tells me. My magic must of worked. I also cast a spell for my soul mate to win money and he won handsomely the next day.

So if you wish to be of the Wiccan faith or Pagan faith, then by all means be whatever religion you wish to be. If you wish to be of a religion then other then I have mentioned, then be whatever you feel best at being.

Thanks for reading my article, it is much appreciated...

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