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By Farouk Martins Aresa
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Nigerians know the reason we chose a Vice-President is to replace the President when circumstances demand it. The position of the Vice-President is not for show, decorative or imagined, it is to succeed if the ticket head is unable to finish. Until late Abiola tested NPN gentleman's agreement of every four years rotation, some did not realized that he could not succeed Shagari after the four years. There was no vacancy. It was NPN wayo.

Even when Abiola finally won the election fair and square later, it was not to be because he came from the wrong side of the Country. In the case of Abiola and Ebele, the same evil moron is conspicuous with his struggle for power in the holy name of the North. Yet none of those offering their magnificent experience, ideas or sacrifices rescued Nigeria from its sorry state. Only Ebele is freshly qualified to succeed President Yar'Adua.

As a reminder, after Obasanjo's four years, the same people wanted to complete his remaining four years and Atiku challenged him during the primary. Obasanjo, like Shagari invoked the eight year rule and eventually worked out a compromise with Atiku and his backers. Those who were urging Atiku on then, are the same ones trying to deprive Jonathan of his rightful entitlement on PDP ticket to contest for President.

Yes, it was the same Obasanjo from the South that was trusted to hand over power to Shagari. Their Attorney General, Rchard Akinjide also happens to come from the South, waged a vigorous defense with a mathematical definition of two third of a country, a state or people, as long as Shagari was declared winner of the election.

They want to succeed by fiat, on North's tail. We have traveled this road many times before by any means necessary to get to power. Many of us are just wondering if a Vice-President cannot succeed the man he loyally ran with because he happens to come from the wrong side of the Country, who can when their eight year term is not up?

Nigerians have been given all types of labels, but nobody has called us blind like a bat or so stupid that we do not know the difference between 419 and legitimate business. We now have a bunch of 419 blind men who cannot even rule in a country full of one-eye folks, parading themselves as miracle workers in a country that has produced some of the best minds in world history. Those honorable men are crowded out of politics.

Stuck between these intelligent minds and majority of Nigeria are vultures that make sure that we cannot see eye to eye. It is one thing to be gifted but quite another to use that talent for our own good. Some claimed we have used it as crooks, for our selfish ends and as crabs pulling one another down (phd). Our silent majority has tolerated miscreants amongst us for too long, they are the only one aspiring to rule. As soon as they notice anyone unlike them, they sting her to death like a bunch of bees on a lion.

It has been said that if a saint runs amongst them, that saint will become a sinner if he wants to survive. Let us face it, we have been fortunate to have honorable people in politics in Nigeria but they hardly last. They either get assassinated, run out of town or become the best leaders we never had. The forces of evil are small but powerful.

These are not the kind of people that should be parading themselves as potential candidates for the position of the President of Nigeria. In case of those wondering if Ebele is any better that the rest of them. We may say probably not but let him perform where others have failed. We have more than 150 million people in Nigeria, the leaders in our Country cannot be rotating amongst those narrow, spent and wasted men.

The game in Nigeria today is that a lesser crook is better than a bigger crook. Unless we have a tsunami or some shock wave, a saint will never rule Nigeria. If he does, he may not enter the kingdom of God. Though a year is a long time in political arena as beasts tackle heads on, it's not too short to realize advantages of changes from Yar'Adua style to that of Ebele. It does not discount the fact that Nigerians are yearning for a change from the same old cargoes that have been on the scene for every coup in the Country.

There are cases where the most corrupt leaders amongst us have turned coat and made up his mind to lose everything for the betterment of the people. If someone could, as a matter of principle, forfeit all he had acquired illegally to the government on “Operation Declare Your Asserts Or Forfeit Your Surplus”, many people might give him a chance. These ones running to become the President again are unrepentant crooks looking for more to acquire. Their only regret is that more money was not available in their time.

Unfortunately their greed has infected those of us who would never seen a million naira to wonder: what is a thousand, a million or even a billion? The problem with that is the loss of any respect for hard earned money. Anyone that has no respect for money he cannot make legitimately with his own sweat will always look for the jackpot in an unbecoming manner. Those types of money are spent as fast as they come. The saddest part of it all is that most of that money is spent outside Nigeria.

Moreover, these calibers of people beat their chests like King Kong. We know them, they came and were tested but failed Nigeria miserably. On their record alone, one would think that they will never show their face again. It is only in Nigeria that kleptomaniacs, vagabonds, omo akotileta and armed robbers that overthrew the governments by coup d'état will be itching to try again by stuffed ballots.

So, as we say in Nigeria, do not heat the polity, no vacancy in Aso Rock until 2015. It is still debated if IBB can fool us again by arms or by stuffed ballots. Those who should know better are the same ones aspiring to displace the mandate bestowed on the terms of Yar'Adua/Jonathan. These people are trouble makers who will never comply with the rules of the game. You cannot dictate the rules during or after the game.

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