Fan Takes Toke Makinwa To The Cleaners For Accusing Men To Be Cheats

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

It is no longer news that Toke Makinwa and her marital woes have become a hot topic of discussion everywhere and the encouragement messages still keep pouring in for the media personality.

But one of the reactors, Excel Nwachinamere, has decided to take Toke to the cleaners as he said Toke Makinwa should stop making strong faces. He said she was giving younger ladies false hope with videos of herself dusting off her marital troubles.

Excel Nwachinamere said, "I decided to watch some of your videos and I actually felt my intelligence dropping! Let me tell you something you don't know.

"Men cheat because monogamy is unnatural. Human beings by nature tend to want more. Those who are able to control the urge to get another woman is because they disciplined themselves greatly. Same goes for the woman too."

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The writer was attacked by her loyal fans who felt he was been unruly and harsh with the words he had spoken. The loyal fans said he was using the opportunity to show his hatred for a strong woman who is refusing to crumble under the shock of her husband's alleged extra-marital affairs.

However, he replied the fans to see that he was not hating on her but trying to make her and her fans know that Toke was not in tune with reality enough about her marriage.

"What I am rather doing is bringing out pointers to her fans so that they will see that there is every chance they are being brainwashed. How can Toke Makinwa always be saying that men are always the cheats and the problem of this world? Why not direct it at humans in general? Why not tell people to always seek out people with good hearts?

"Human beings deceiving each other since the time of Christ. Toke Makinwa will never see such mofos and gold diggers to advise on her video log. Different character and behaviour. The key is finding a person that suits your lifestyle. And you can only get this by being real and original. Everything boils down to being original." he said.