Producers Look for Artist That Can Make Their Dream Come Through...Nkiru Silvanus

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Nollywood actress, Nkiru Silvanus is one of the busiest actresses both as a political office holder and as an actress.

Unlike the general notion that some movie producers demand intimate romance in exchange for movie roles, the actress has shed more light on what a producer actually wants.

Nkiru explained that movie producers have special interest in making good movies which will bring them more money and win several awards.

She stated that what producers do is just to work with people that can make their dreams come through and can sell a movie.

Speaking to Vnolly after she was tracked down, she explained thus, “Any producer's interest is to do good movie make money and win awards, so they look for artists that can help make their dreams come true. Basically an artist that can best interpret a character and sell a movie is what they want.”

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