Police arrest man for defiling his 14-year-old daughter while checking her virginity

By The Rainbow
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Man, 48,  named Adeboyed Waheed has been arrested by the police from Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos State for defiling his daughter twice.

According to reports, the incestuous acts all began when the man allegedly claimed to be conducting a virginity test on his 14 years old daughter.

The incident took at Adama Araro Street, Ikorodu area of Lagos and the victim lived with her father.

According to the story, the girl who is an SS1 student of Araromi Isoju Grammar School in Ikorodu, had to flee home when she could no longer cope with the constant sexual harassment from her father.

She fled to a near-by church from where she was recounting her ordeal.

According to her,  “My father started checking my private part, to check if I have started mensuration in 2014. On a particular day in November of the same year, I was sleeping on the floor of our one room apartment in the night, he removed my rapper. My step mother was not around that day.

“He used his fingers to touch my private part and asked if I was menstruating. He also asked me if anybody had ever had sex with me, I said no. He said he would use his man-hood to test me to confirm the truth. That was how he forced his 'manhood' on me and covered my mouth not to shout.

“From that time, I started bleeding till morning when I became weak and he did nothing. He warned me not to let anybody know”.

The girl said her father came calling again March 5 this year and fished in her pond.

She said, “I was browsing with someone's phone in the house when he asked me to remove my clothes. He put on condom and had sex with me. I felt very bad inside me but I could do nothing. The next day, I packed my belongings and ran away from the house to a near-by church.

“I really felt humiliated. Before I left, I threw away all the condoms he bought and dropped a note that he should not look for me. At the church, I narrated what happened to me to them and they took the matter to the police”.

The man’s first reaction was denial. But he later came round to as usual blame it all the handiwork of the devil.

He claimed he was under the influence of a strange spirit, hence, did not know what he was doing. He was singing like canary bird, saying: “Please police, journalists forgive me; I don't know what came over me. I have been beaten thoroughly by Oodua People's Congress (OPC) boys; that is why my eyes are swollen.”

The PPRO, Olorunfemi Shem, confirmed the incident. He was quoted as saying that   from all investigations, the accused is as guilty as charged.

“Our investigation and medical report from a government hospital proved that the girl was defiled by her father”, he said.

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