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A letter to the Good people of a Great nation: My Nigerian Dream

By Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC
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I write this letter to all Nigeria youths all over the country and beyond. I write this letter with the hope that it would be read, and to all those that are numb to the problems that holds us captive in ignorant without hope of scaling through to reach to the zenith of our greatness. I write to all who pledge to their motherland with all their strength to be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve her and to defend her unity and uphold her honor, making God the witness. I write to all who holds my country to a high esteem and would gladly die for its course. I salute all who wants a positive change, who wants the best for this great nation, who would offer more than their best to the growth and development of the land. To those who will make this nation one to be sought after. Finally, I hold in high esteem all those who make GOD the greatest priority to the development of a country.

For some time now, I have not been myself. I see and hear things that I choose to call abnormal. When I speak, it comes to me knocking (hard) in my heart, when I sleep, it's like I dwell yet in another world and when I write, it's all that comes to me; The troubles - the insights - the QUESTION – When did it start?

Was it the day I saw a child abused? The day children started hawking, the day our educational system fell like Goliath? Oh! Let me refresh your memory as I was told – just 20 years ago, JAMB results were brought to our doors, admission letters were given freely and other incentives were added for scholars to be more relaxed but all has changed. Was it the day our politicians started embezzling OUR money or the day religious crises became a day to day activity? Was it when the Biafra emerged or when the Niger-Delta militants wanted a 'change' or when Boko Haram had their 'vision'?

I often hear that, “Great leaders see the end from the beginning”. Was this the end our founding fathers saw in the beginning? Certainly not! How I wished I was amidst, perhaps I would have influence the outcome of the historical day we became independent the other way until we have put our homes in order.

Everything has gone worst than anticipated. The breeze of death is inhaled in many states in the name of selfish desires. I hear some call it 'Religious right' and others refer to it as 'human right' obviously, it's GENOCIDE, WICKEDNESS; it's simply BABARIC.

Our 'so-called-leaders' on different level whom most times found their way to the office without our consensus uses our money more than we use the toilet papers to invest outside the borders of this nation when the average brethren feeds with below 150 naira a day thereby creating more problems for me, for us .

Look at the youths, they have been given 'forcefully' the title 'LEADERS OF TOMORROW' yet the decisions of 'next tomorrow' are made by 'yesterday leaders''. I have had enough. Am just tired of looking at them – the unemployed, they roam around wondering what next to do, I fear they become the devil's workshop.

This brings us to the questions;
Where have we gone wrong to deserve the Nigeria we live today?

Why will so many 'bad' befall us?
When did it all start?
How did it all happen?
Who will save us?

I grieve...but I have My NIGERIAN DREAM...

Shall we wallow in the maze of despair, mourning, blames, remorse, pain and then meet 'again' the path of nonchalant attitude, 'not my business', 'it's the government'.

Forgive me if I sound insensitive to the time, but let's not forget that many have been in this state for long. Lest this words bring up the words of the great revolutionist, "that all man were born equal".

Let it be heard far and near that the cry of the poor and soft hearted, the rich and in secured; the strong and the weak; the youths and the old have come to an end; and a revolution begun.

For I believe NOT in the carrying of human destroyers in the name of revolution. NO! I believe in My NIGERIAN DREAM where the desolate will be awakened and the powers of their dormant potent unleashed and channeled into the economy for a positive change. Where self discovery became a habit of every man, young or old, rich or poor

I believe that in the darkest storm lies a silver lining. I have heard many times that stories lead to glory. I believe that we have enough stories to go with. I believe that YOU and I have a role to play

I believe in my NIGERIAN DREAM where peace and harmony shall dwell for those are the basis of good governance.

I believe in my NIGERIAN DREAM that the youths will no longer blame our government or the educational system for not being creative and innovative. I holding nothing against their blame for right they are but shall we continue in blame that our dream may live?

I believe in my NIGERIAN DREAM where the decisions of next tomorrow will not be made by yesterday leaders. I mean no disrespect, we need their advice but the last words should be ours. I believe we can form an incorruptible army to sweep our home. Yes our home if not us, who will?

I believe every word I have written today, because, Nigerians, good people of a great nation have proven to strive even in distress. It's time to become responsive and active citizens; it's time to begin to participate in our governance; it's time to hold the words of Kennedy and begin to ask for what we can do for our country.

I love my motherland. I love NIGERIA!

Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC

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