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I Can Never Bleach My Skin, But I Use Good Creams- Nkiru Sylvanus

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It is has become a trend for Nigerian girls to bleach their dark skins into lighter ones, not minding the consequences.

This skin transformation trend is however common in our entertainment sector, where both male and female alike change their skin colours to attract more attention.

But for Popular Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, she can't see herself daring to touch her already light and glittering skin.

"When you are fair, you have to go extra mile to take care of your skin because if you don't take care of your skin, you would look dull and dirty. A fair skin needs a lot to make it stay beautiful. It is not like that for a dark complexioned person. You wouldn't really need to do much for your skin to glow. The sun in Nigeria is so much and you can tan easily. So if you don't use the appropriate body cream, your skin would turn brown and you would get sunburns. For me, all I do is to use the appropriate body cream. I don't think I would want to bleach for anything in the world. It is not only because bleaching is bad; it is harmful to the body. I use good cream and I try as much as possible to avoid being under the sun." She said.

For tattoos, the talented diva won't let her body be scratched for any reason in the world.

"That is a triple no for me. I can never go there. I love my skin so much and I wouldn't want any artificial thing on it. Most importantly, I see that as against the will of God. I respect God and since He said I shouldn't do such, I will not do it. Then again, I don't like the sight of it on people. I just don't like the drawings on people's bodies."

Ms Slyvanus who is still at lodger heads with her one-time Nollywood best friend, Oge Okoye, over husband snatching saga, stated clearly that she doesn't see anything wrong in repeating same dress to events, if she so pleases.

"Repeating a dress is a thing of the mind for the celebrities. If I have a beautiful dress and I want to wear it again because I love the way I looked the first time I wore it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don't think it is a crime against human nature. I would confidently do it and I wouldn't care what people say.

I am not that daring. I can never be caught dead wearing bum shorts. I am a very shy person. I don't like exposing my body. If I wear bum shorts, I would feel that I am exposing so much parts of my body and I would feel uncomfortable. I don't condemn people who wear them anyway. They must feel comfortable on it and that might be the reason they wear it. But for me, I don't think I would wear bum shorts."