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Nigerians in South Africa seek refuge in Home Office

By The Rainbow
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Nigerians in South Africa seek Asylum at Home Affairs office

Nigerians in South Africa are now seeking safety at the Home Affairs Office to avoid being attacked by youths in the former apartheid homeland.

Reports indicate that some Nigerians who live in areas where Zulu boys have unleashed terror have run to the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria to seek refuge.

Some of them were reported to have said the security,e at the Office asked them for money before they were allowed to enter the compound.

Nigerian government it was learnt has sent strong words to South African government to ensure the safety of lives and property of Nigerian citizens.

President Jacob Zuma on Thursday called for calm, even as he condemed the action of the South African youth.

Meawnwhile, the xenophobic attacks are said to have spread to Johannesburg as Thursday.

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