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Gov Nggilari call on Adamawa to employ peace as the exercise their franchise right

By Tom Garba, Yola
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Some few hours to presidential elections the Governor of Adamawa state, Barr Bala James Nggilari made a state Broadcast today (Friday) in the state House to the citizens of Adamawa state not to jeopardize the peace in the state but to employ ways on how to sustain the fragile peace the state is struggling to maintain.

He call on all the people in the state not to engaging in any form of political hooliganism and thuggery during the elections.

According to the governor that the state has been bastardised by the attacks of Islamic extremist and residents have been traumatized hence urged politicians to allow the relative peace that has been restored by the military to thrive even before, during and after the election.

Nggilari expressed thanks to the military for reclaiming occupied local government areas and ensuring that peace is restored and maintained.

He said therefore political parties ,aspirants, party supporters and voters and all citizens must tread the path of caution so that elections in Adamawa state are conducted without crisis.

Nggilari noted any person or groups of persons caught trying to break laws and order would be dealt with mercilessly by the security agencies deployed for the elections stationed every nooks and crannies of the state.

" Our state is known for peace and harmony, I therefore implored you all to endeavours to keep the reputation.

"I appeal to all the political actors especially, the contestants to accept the outcome of the election in good faith as power and authority only comes from God who choices any persons he pleases.